Riding a bicycle is a fun and an exciting hobby and is a big source of exercise. In many countries, it is encouraged as an alternative to motor vehicle travel. In the United States, approximately 900 bicycle connected deaths and half a million bicycle-related injuries are treated in hospitals every year. It is a shared responsibility between bicyclists and other larger forms of transportation in a complex traffic atmosphere. Bicyclists of any age should not join in traffic until they attain a confidence about their bicycle and the traffic rules.

The most important thing in bicycle safety is knowledge of road positions. Cycling along the wrong side is the foremost reason for bicycle-car crashes. A good bicycle helmet can provide fine protection for every bicyclist. It reduces the possibility of head injury by up to 85 percent at the time of collision. Young bicyclists should be encouraged to ride under the direct management of adults.

A cyclist primarily requires a well maintained and functional bicycle. Bicycle maintenance is easy and it needs only basic tools. Always choose a bicycle that suits the rider’s ability and the kind of riding. An oversized bicycle tilts your balance and obstructs control. A rider should regularly check safety-critical apparatuses such as brakes, headsets, tires, wheels, headlight, pedals, chain, and handlebars.

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Traffic violations cause a number of bicycle accidents. Like other drivers, bicyclists also must obey street signs and traffic rules. Here are some bicycle safety tips: always ride carefully, never ride with headphones or against traffic, give pedestrians the right-of-way, and keep the bicycle in good condition. Always remember to ride the bicycle near the right-hand edge of the road. Never carry another person on your bicycle, use hand signals at the time of turning or stopping and take special care on rough or slippery surfaces. Try to avoid cycling at night. If riding at night, equip your bicycle with good head and tail lights and wear brightly colored clothing.

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