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Red Dots on Face, Common Causes


It can be quite shocking to discover unsightly red spots on your skin. It’s even more stressful when you don’t know what is causing it. You wonder whether it’s just a mild allergic reaction or if its skin cancer. Red spots on your skin are a result of leaked capillaries or internal bleeding.

germs in makeup

How Dirty is Your Makeup Bag and DIY Tips for Cleaning It.

When you think about the dirtiest places in your house, your makeup bag is probably not a spot that comes to mind. However, it is actually the perfect environment to grow bacteria
tips to exfoliate skin

Why and How to Exfoliate Skin for Fresh and Healthy Glow

There are several reasons that exfoliating is good for your skin. Regular exfoliating gives your skin a more radiant look and a smoother feel.
natural beauty ingredients

Natural Acne Products – Finding the Best Natural Ingredients For Treating Acne

Natural ingredients in acne skin products can boost your fight against acne without over-drying your skin or causing irritations
home made facial masks

Easy To Make Homemade Facial Masks For Beautiful Skin

Homemade facial masks have always been an integral part of every woman's beauty routine. They're easy to make, inexpensive and you know exactly what goes in there, unlike many cosmetic maks you buy at the store.
tips for healthy nails

Top Tips to Make Nails Healthy and Strong

Your nails are the reflection of your overall health. That is why it's important to keep them healthy and clean. Check out a few important tips for healthy nails:
home beauty tips

Essential Beauty Tips, Secrets, and Home Remedies

Here are some lesser-known health and beauty tips for silky hair, glowing skin, sparkling teeth and healthy nails.
winter skincare tips

5 Beauty Benefits of Using Moisturizing Cream In The Winter

Taking care of your skin and following at least a basic skin care routine is important for a healthy and glowing skin. This skin care becomes even more important during winters. Following is a list of five benefits of applying night cream in winters.
beauty tips acne

Extremely Effective Tips to Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Dark Skin

Acne scars and dark spots can cause embarrassment. Who does not wish to get a clear skin without any marks on the face? Earlier...
food healthy skin

Food For Healthy Skin – Foods for Vibrant, Beautiful Skin

The best way to improved health and looks is with the help of well-balanced diet. People often don't think that food plays an important role in having a beautiful and healthy skin. Learn what foods you should be eating to have a healthy skin.