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self care calendar

30-Day Self-Care Challenge Printable Calendar (Included)

This 30-Day Self-Care Challenge is a great way to prioritize self-care, while socially distancing in the comfort of your home. Download and print this calendar to help you sty on track.
health benefits sauna

What Health Benefits Does a Sauna Have

There are real benefits to taking saunas and their use can be part of a regular health regime.
winter fitness tips

Winter Fitness Tips. Staying Motivated During the Cold and Dark Months

Winter is a time when nature hibernates in anticipation of the activity of spring. However, just because nature hibernates, doesn't mean you have to...
blood pressure foods

How to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is the combination of two numbers, such as 120 over 80. This is a normal, safe reading. When the first number,...

Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Lower back pain, sciatica, or lumbago, as it sometimes known, will affect almost all adults at some point in their working lives....
natural pain killers

The Best Natural Painkillers


We all know that drugs such as acetaminophen, aspirin and ibuprofen are accessible, inexpensive and generally effective at dulling pain. Many of the users depend on these synthetic painkillers because they don't know where else to turn. With so many unpleasant side effects of these medicines, researching and switching to natural alternatives may be an effective and preferable option.

Food For Eyes – Foods That Can Help You Protect and Improve Your Eyesight

Several studies have shown that certain foods are very good for the eyes and can help protect your eyesight. This is especially true...
ways to detox

Detox Your Way to Better Living. How to Cleanse Your Body

Given the rather toxic environment we live in today and the plethora of unknown substances and chemicals that are included and lodged in the...
benefits of rose water

Health and Beauty Benefits of Rose Water (Infographic)

Used throughout history, rose water is a multi-purpose liquid that can be a powerful addition to any health and beauty routine

The 8 Most Surprising High-Fiber Food


Fiber is very important in our health.  It is best known for its health benefits such as helping with digestion, lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and maintaining a healthy weight. Most people would choose legumes, whole grains, and leafy vegetables when they would need to get their daily fiber fix.