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One fitness trend that offers great health benefits, trims and shapes the body, and is a lot of fun, is boxing.  Boxing has been around for quite some time, but has picked up in popularity as an exercise in recent years. Many gyms are now offering boxing classes as a means of shaping the entire body and enjoying the benefits of an upper-body cardio workout.

For anyone looking to lose weight and get in shape, boxing is the way to go.  While many consider boxing to be solely an upper body exercise, it actually works the legs and core, and also stabilizes the muscles.  Let's take a look at how boxing can work for your fitness routine:

Burn Calories

Taking up boxing is a great way to burn calories.  Many fitness programs and exercises are judged based on how many calories per hour they can burn. Boxing can elicit a calorie burn that peaks at about 13 calories per minute, which could reach 780 calories in 60 minutes. 

While this calorie burn is quite incredible, it is not feasible to continue at such a high pace for such a long time (though you should challenge yourself to maintain this pace for as long as you can). Due to this, many boxing classes tend to burn about 300 calories or so in 30 minutes, which is a good workout.

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Get A Flat Stomach

Boxing is incredible for burning fat throughout the body, including abdominal fat.  In addition, the muscles that you use while punching allows you to work every core muscle in the abdominal area.  An added perk of boxing is that you use your stabilization muscles, which will helps you to gain a six-pack.

Shred the Stress

Exercise is a great tool for relieving stress from your mind and body.  Studies have shown that exercise, especially boxing, is an ideal way to let stress out of your system.  So, the next time you are stressed out, overworked, or angry, consider making your way to the gym for all-important boxing sessions.

Gain Coordination

If you find that you stumble over your feet quite often, then boxing may be something to help you improve your coordination. The rhythmic nature of boxing works the coordination center of the brain.  Consider adding in quick feet and foot work to get more benefits of coordination while you throw your punches and you should see positive results in no time.

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