Whether you have a family history of cancer or are fighting it yourself, there is no better time to improve your nutrition than today. While certain activities are well known to increase your chances of cancer such as smoking or radiation, the opposite is also true: there are are certain substances and chemicals that can help you fight it, whether by increasing your chances of prevention or by giving your system that extra strength it needs to resist cancer’s encroachment. Check out these super foods and start adding them to your diet today!

It’s true that all cruciferous veggies such as kale, cauliflower and such are excellent sources of nutrition and all aid in priming your body to fight cancer, but none of them come close to the combative power of broccoli. It’s ironic that the one veggie you used to hate as a kid is one of the greatest sources of cancer fighting strength, in that it contains large amounts of sulforaphane, a chemical that has been shown to boost your immune system and flush out toxic chemicals. In fact it has been shown in lab mice to help target cancer stem cells, the very ones that help a tumor grow.

Our next super source of cancer fighting goodness comes from black raspberries. While all berries are famous for being good for you due to their phytonutrients (how often have you heard people talking about blueberries and acai berries? Probably too often), it’s black raspberries that contain the highest concentrations of anthocyanins which slow down the growth of premalignant cancer cells and blocks the flow of blood to them, helping fight cancer right before it starts. Get yourself half a cup for a great dose of these vital chemicals.

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Finally we have walnuts. Yes, walnuts have been shown to be fantastic at helping fight breast and colon cancer due to its phytosterols which help block estrogen receptors in breast cells. It’s as simple as that, and all you have to do is much on an ounce of walnuts each day to get the best benefits.

Adding these foods to your diet is both simple and incredibly important if you are at risk of developing cancer. What’s even better they’re all delicious, even broccoli. So go to the supermarket today and take control of your diet!

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