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Your feet are the most important parts of your body responsible for helping you to move and burn calories so you can stay healthy. You need to take care of your feet properly, so they will serve you well into old age. The following are a few holistic recommendations that will lead to long lasting foot health.

Walk Barefoot on Uneven Ground

When it comes to making your feet strong and healthy, walking around on uneven dirt will give your feet a much-needed workout. By forcing your feet to balance your weight in such situations, you will be strengthening muscles in your feet that may not be getting much of a workout otherwise. This can also be excellent therapy for some people trying to recover from foot injuries where the muscles of the feet need to be strengthened. Plus, many holistic doctors believe there are other antioxidant health benefits that can be obtained from this practice that they alternatively consider a form of earthing. It is also good to pick things up with your feet to further work and strengthen your feet muscles on a frequent basis.

Avoid Shoes that over Pamper Your Feet

A lot of people think that they should be wearing shoes with a significant amount of arch support and padding. While this may make your feet feel comfortable, over time these kinds of shoes will weaken the muscles of your feet. If you are serious about keeping your feet healthy, you might opt for that feel more like walking barefoot to encourage the normal biomechanical use of your feet. Also, shoes can have a tendency to cramp your feet from prolonged use, so it is often better to simply walk barefoot when you can and let your feet operate in an unhindered fashion.

What Are My Bunions Saying?

To a trained holistic doctor, bunions are an immediate sign of other health problems. While it might be common for allopathic doctors to prescribe bunion surgery, a holistic doctor should be looking more into how to correct the conditions that cause bunions and flat foot problems to go away naturally. Bunions can also be a sign that there is a problem with pelvic stability and the individual’s gait when walking, so all these issues must be taken into consideration when looking for a solution for this condition.

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Foot Massage

When it comes to the health of your feet, a good foot massage can make a huge difference. Having your feet massaged can help reduce the inflammation that exacerbates the condition of plantar fasciitis. Massage can help to strengthen the muscles of the feet for endurance. Also, massaging the feet can improve circulation of blood in your feet which is important for nerve health.


Your feet are an essential part of your mobility. This means you should take excellent care of your feet and help to ensure that they will remain healthy and functional well into old age. This involves taking the time to exercise the muscles in your feet to help keep them strong and able to keep your body stable when you walk. The last thing you want is to be bound to a wheelchair in old age when you could have easily prevented this by making sure your feet remain in tip top shape.

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