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Meditation has many amazing benefits. Unfortunately many are intimidated by the practice or give up as soon as they start without giving it a chance. If you’re one of these people you probably should know that meditation is simple to start and can be an amazingly rewarding habit if you practice consistently.

If you’re interested in trying this meditation, take a look at some of the mistakes and assumption people make about this wonderful activity.

MEDITATION MISTAKE #1 – You think meditation is about NOT THINKING about anything.

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If the only way to meditate successfully was to clear your mind of all thoughts, no one would meditate – ever. Not thinking about anything is virtually impossible! While a totally silent mind is a great goal to look forward to after years (if not a lifetime) of regular practice, it’s important to know that you can start experiencing the benefits of meditation the very first time you sit down, close your eyes, and take 10 deep breaths. Meditation is for everyone, at every level of experience.

MEDITATION TIP: Instead of trying to empty your mind of all thoughts, try focusing on just one thought. And simply observe what happens.

MEDITATION MISTAKE #2 – You’re forcing yourself to meditate longer than what feels comfortable.

The benefits of meditation come from the quality, not the quantity of time. We live in a busy world, and there are many responsibilities and requirements we have to deal with on a daily basis. Stressing out over whether or not you’re spending enough time in meditation is a worry you don’t need to take on. Are you able to find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for just a few minutes? Is it possible for you to close your eyes for just a few deep breaths? Can you sit comfortably in a relaxed position long enough to release some tension from your muscles? Those are the qualities of good meditation practice. In time or at different times, you’ll be able to carve out more time for your practice.

But if all you have is this moment is 4 minutes to spare, then that’s just perfectly fine.

MEDITATION MISTAKE #3 – You think meditation is about SPIRITUALITY…

Instead of thinking that meditation is about spirituality, you should recognize it as a practical tool for managing stress and maintaining balance. Meditation doesn’t promote any religion or specific philosophy. While many people use meditation as part of their religious practices, it’s not a requirement to be spiritual or to believe in a higher power to meditate. Meditation has been used for centuries as a means of maintaining mental, emotional, and physical health. Don’t knock it because you don’t consider yourself to be a spiritual person. Science has been supporting the benefits of meditation for ages, and it can be a practical and powerful tool in helping you to reach your goals.

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