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Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day might not seem like a risky job, but the truth is that even a desk job brings with it the risk of issues that can affect a worker’s well-being. For example, millions of Americans spend their workdays staring at computer screens, putting them at risk of developing potentially serious vision problems. It’s estimated that up to 90 percent of Americans who use computers extensively at their jobs have some form of what’s known as computer vision syndrome.

Computer vision syndrome can lead to blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain, and even neck and shoulder pain. If left unaddressed, it can cause lasting damage to your eyes and affect your vision long-term.

However, there are some steps you can take to try to protect your eye health and preserve your vision — even when you have to spend all day staring at a computer screen. In many cases, simply making some adjustments to your computer display or the workspace around you can help limit the effects of computer vision syndrome.

Review the accompanying checklist created by Eyecheck for some of the symptoms and causes of computer vision syndrome, as well as ways to protect your eyes. Just because you have a desk job doesn’t mean you can’t experience issues that affect your well-being, so make sure your eyes are protected.

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Computer Vision Syndrome. What You Need To Know. 1

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