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Your core impacts so much more than whether or not you can be photographed with a six-pack set of ab muscles. A strong core ensures that you are able to maintain balance, that you protect your back, and that you’re not adding weight to the belly region—which can be an indicator of all sorts of health issues.

But doing sit-ups isn’t enough to build core strength. You need to focus on strength and stability, and to do that you need to add weight to your core routine. Luckily the good thing about build core strength is that you don’t need to do a lot of fancy exercises. In fact, you can make dramatic changes to your core if you just add these six exercises to your exercise routine.

What’s unique about those exercises is how they build those essentials—strength and stability. Here’s what to do.

Why You Should Consider Adding Weight to Your Core Routine
“Why You Should Consider Adding Weight to Your Core Routine” on Health Perch

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