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Most people are aware of the high sugar content in soda pop (44 grams in coke) so they try to get around it by having diet pop.  This is true for some bodybuilders, weightlifters and other athletes as well.  But it is a big mistake. That’s because the sweetness is attained by the use of artificial sugars. 

Lower Calorie Count

It is true that artificial sweeteners produce a lower calorie count.  Many of these artificially sweetened drinks have zero calories or just a few calories. However, these drinks do contain additives – artificial additives.

Dangerous Additives

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that have a rearrangement of the composition of the sweet substance. And that rearrangement does have an impact.  In fact a study in Science News (2014) found that ingesting sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin, caused a mutation in the body’s microbiota.  The microbiota are tiny bacteria in the belly.  The result of the mutation tends to lead to diabetes and obesity.  That is, even though no calories existed, the elements in the drinks, the artificial sweets, still propelled the human body down the wrong track, a track that leads to being obese and unhealthy.  Amazingly, virtually no one is aware of this fact.  Ask the average person if a diet cola or pop will make them fat, and the answer is invariably “no”.  But the truth is that those diet sodas do make the body gain weight and lots of weight to boot.

And if this use of artificial sweeteners isn’t enough, industry is always cooking up more additives.  The latest is a substance called “allulose,”, which will be put in drinks soon.  Again, it is something cooked up in the factories and not a real food.  Every time industry messes with food items they turn them into a Frankenstein version and inevitably end up harming the body.

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So what to do?  First, be aware that just because a drink has little or no caloric content this doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful to the body.  The more artificial ingredients in a drink, the more harmful it is to the body.  And then avoid diet pop.  There is no other way around it.  And if you just have to have a drink, it is far better to have a drink that contains real sugar (such as Sierra Mist) than a drink that contains artificial sweeteners.  At least your body knows what to do with sugar. Artificial sweeteners, on the other hand, blow the body up to a bloated mess.

 About The Author: Paul Becker is a natural (steroid free for life) bodybuilder and fitness consultant. Visit his website at http://www.bodybuilding-store.com

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