With the average age of the population in the United States increasing daily, concerns about mobility and infirmity that can come with age are being addressed in many different ways.  One of the ways to address this age old concern is through yoga for seniors. 

Yoga is an extremely flexible activity that can be adapted to the physical limitations of almost anyone, and different styles are being introduced to make this even more true.  And while most people are attracted to yoga for the physical benefits, the social benefits can not be ignored.  Overall, yoga is really one of the best activities for seniors.

Many people have an impression of yoga that it is a way for extremely flexible people to tie themselves up into a pretzel shape that looks to be both incredibly uncomfortable and impossible for the average person, let alone an older person not used to physical activity.  However, the reality is that it is not only the practitioners who are flexible.  Yoga itself can be adapted to nearly any physical limitation from arthritis to obesity.

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Much of this adaptability comes from the variety of different styles of yoga you will find available.  The traditional yoga poses can be adapted through the use of bolsters, blocks and straps to allow people will less flexibility to perform the pose properly.  Beyond the use of specialized equipment to perform poses, new styles such as chair yoga and bed top yoga provide poses which can be performed by those with even more limited motion and provide a safe alternative for most seniors who wish to take up yoga.

The physical benefits of yoga for seniors are essentially the same as they are for anyone else.  Increased strength, flexibility and coordination are the primary benefits most people will enjoy from their yoga sessions.  Additionally, many seniors will feel that their general well-being is improved and their energy level is considerably higher, which is a welcome feeling in an aging body.

Aside from the physical benefits that can be expected from yoga, many seniors will find that by finding a yoga class geared toward the needs of people in their age group, they get the added benefit of finding a new social gathering where they can meet people who are their age and who share the same interests.  This will help to keep the mind as active as the body and provide a change from the traditional senior meeting places.

Surely you can see why yoga for seniors is increasing in popularity with the aging of the population.  The physical challenges it presents can be addressed by adjusting the poses and finding a style of yoga to fit the need of the individual.  With the increasing life expectancy of a rapidly aging population, it is no wonder that activities like yoga are having their flexibility tested.

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