Cycling is a great cardio exercise, whether it is riding a stationary bike or a bicycle on the road. The only equipment you’ll require is a bike and a helmet for safety.

People of every age and weight can do this activity and a bicycle specially helps you in traffic jams and it may even help you get somewhere faster than a car. It helps you against a variety of ailments many of which are:

Healthy heart

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Through cycling your heart rate increases and gets you to breath heavily but not out of breath. It increases your blood circulation and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. It is and an excellent form of cardio exercise and is thought to reduce the risk of death by heart disease by 22%.

Decrease obesity

This aerobic activity can burn up to 300 calories per 30 minutes. The exercise can prove very effective in your weight loss program if you keep cycling till you get out of breath at least 5 to 6 times a week.

Uplifts mood

Studies have shown that exercises have proved to be very effective in reducing stress and depression. They boost your confidence and leave you with a high self esteem. You get distracted from your daily worrying matters and devote some time to yourself; hence leaving you fresh and full of energy.

Increase in strength

Apart from burning fats, it enhances your stamina and strengthens your muscles. It helps you develop balance and stability. It makes you immune to injuries from falling and reduces the risk of hip fracture in old age.

Improved fitness level

Cycling is one of the very few exercises which many people can do without much investment or effort. Studies have shown that cycling is very effective in increasing the fitness level of a person. It helps you get strong legs and provides agility. Older people are resistant to falling and bone injuries. You can shed around 11 pounds by just cycling 4 times a week for 6 weeks.
Resistance to fumes

Studies have shown that pedestrians and cyclists are at a lower risk of inhaling fumes on roads than roads.

Start now

Cycling is easy and inexpensive. You can get through a traffic jam while many cars are still stuck. Cycling is beneficial for not only your health but for Mother Nature too.

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