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No one becomes an exercise expert overnight. When people decide to start working out, it tends to come from a burst of motivation or inspiration. Though it’s great to act on this blast of enthusiasm, it may be short-lived. Building a routine is vital to make exercise a long-term habit.

Before you begin mastering exercise techniques, however, it’s important to know how you’ll be affected. The benefits of regular movement and training extend beyond toned arms, legs and belly. Exercise has the potential to improve mental health, reduce the risk of heart disease and other ailments, and help keep the mind and cognitive skills sharp.

Start With Simple Exercises

Going to the gym for the first time can be intimidating. It may seem that everyone is more advanced and the machines are too complicated. Don’t let thatkeep you from getting started. As a beginner, remember that it takes time to build strength and flexibility.

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With Equipment

For an extra push, try using various pieces of equipment to target certain areas of the body.

  • Lift weights: With a few dumbbells or weighted bars, it’s possible to get a complete strength training workout.
  • Use fitness accessories: Invest in some items that will challenge you during home exercise sessions, such as a jump rope or resistance band.
  • Ride a bike: Biking is a great way to simultaneously increase your heart rate and cover some distance. Consider changing the bike’s resistance or choosing a trail with hills to improve endurance.

Without Equipment

If exercise equipment isn’t your thing, body weight workouts are an excellent alternative.

  • Yoga: When you’re just starting to work out regularly, don’t forget that your body probably isn’t used to the extra pressure and extended movements of a fitness regimen. Incorporating yoga into a routine can increase flexibility and protect joints from too much strain.
  • Running: To get the heart pumping without a treadmill, laceup some running shoes and hit the pavement. Download an app to track progress.
  • Workout videos: You don’t needfancy equipment or a gym membership to accomplish a satisfying workout. Find exercise videos online for all types of physical training.

Make Healthy Choices to Accomplish Your Goals

Fitness requires more than picking and choosing random machines or workouts and calling it a day. During the first few sessions, pay attention to how much your body can handle. Don’t overwork, but instead test the limits to determinewhere you want to improve.

Be mindful of how lifestyle affect health.Sleep is a crucial factor in any wellness routine. When possible, avoid interrupted sleep cycles orgoing to bed too late. Aim for a full eight hours, andeliminate distractions right before bed. It is also important to take control of eating habits. Don’t eat heavy meals late in the day or consume too many processed foods.

Starting a new workout program is often a physical and mental challenge, but over time you will likely see progress. Check out the accompanying resource for more suggestions on how to begin a sustainable exercise routine.

Check out this Infographic created by Apogee Fitness for more helpful beginner exercise tips

Exercise Tips For Beginners (Infographic) 1

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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