Most computer users experience eye strain. This may be as a result of using inappropriate monitors like the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens. Prolonged computer use may also bring about the same problem.

If you experience a combination of regular headaches and eye strain, the problem might be associated with computer use. Sometimes computer use may interfere with your vision to the extent that you don’t see objects clearly, experience double vision in some instances, see colors differently or have irritated or dry eyes. Relief from many computer-use related eye disorders may be achieved through regular eye exercises.

The success of therapeutic interventions to ease computer related eye strain is highly depended on their frequency of administration. Some experts recommend daily eye exercises at one hour intervals. Studies have shown that continued staring at the computer for long periods of time is unhealthy. It may therefore help to take time every one hour of computer usage to exercise the eyes.

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A common therapeutic measure is palming. For good results, it may be the first thing you want to do at home after a busy day at the work place. Take a seat or lie in a bed or any other position you can be relaxed and at ease. First you need to generate some heat through rubbing of the palms of your both hands for a few seconds. Then close your eyes and put your cupped hands on top of them. Your cupped hands should be positioned such that they do not touch the eyes. Seated for about two minutes, you will begin to see intense darkness that will provide the intended therapy.

There are times when looking at the computer for a long time might hinder your perception of objects especially when changing focus from distant to near ones or the other way around. You may check the problem by exercising your eyes by means of visually scanning items within an enclosure especially a room. You need to position yourself somewhere within the room (e.g. a corner) and begin to look at items in the room one at a time. Look at the edges of every object along the walls. Keep on doing this for about two minutes.

While eye exercises are crucial to the checking of eye strain associated with prolonged computer usage or glare emanating from Cathode Ray Tube monitors, it’s also important to mention that exercises alone won’t work. You may want to fit your computer with an anti-glare screen or use the less hazardous LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors.

After working on your computer for some time always remember to take a break in order to give your eye muscles an opportunity to loosen up and rejuvenate. Make it a point to do eye exercises on routine basis. Your eyes will come out stronger and well focused and oriented to do their work. Such eye exercises may also help prevent or fix eye disorders from causes other than the computer.

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