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Emotional health is at the center of how the body copes in an ever-changing environment. While we live in a world filled with stress and tension, brought on by job demands, money issues and even relationship hang-ups, it becomes evident that your emotional health is pushed to its limits more chronically than you may realize. Left unchecked, the constant emotional overload can bring about a wide variety of other health complications. Fortunately, it is possible to restore the body to a state of peace and emotional health can be restored over time. The following are four holistic methods you can use to start bringing your emotional health back into balance.

Deep Breathing And Meditation

One of the best ways to bring order to the chaos in your life is to take a little time each day for deep breathing and meditation. Taking the time to breathe deeply and reflect on mentally improving your emotional state just 15-minutes, four times a day, will help you regain a stronghold on your emotional well-being. This will reduce your stress levels considerably as your body learns how to exit a state of chronic stress.

Adaptogenic Herbs

The adrenal glands produce special hormones for the purpose of dealing with stress and tension in our lives. Many of these substances are formed from the use of cholesterol which is why it can be dangerous to artificially lower cholesterol levels in most people who suffer with chronic stress or high emotional states. You may have not been told about the power of herbs to reduce stress, anxiety and bring peace to your life. A special class of herbs known as adaptogenic herbs are directly involved in relieving your adrenal glands of the burden of compensating for chronic stress states. Among this class of herbs, the herbs ashwaghanda and Rhodiola happen to be two very powerful emotional modifying herbs that helps to lower stress and anxiety, decrease the burden on the adrenal glands and allows the body to settle into a more emotionally fit state of well-being over time. As a nice side effect, the decrease in adrenal burden will also help your thyroid to increase its function. This can lead to significant weight loss for many people as their body undergoes a hormone shift in a more positive direction: resulting from the use of adaptogenic herbs.

Addressing Emotions Directly

Trapped emotions can stick with you for months or even years at a time, and they are often the result of some type of traumatic experience. By using energy healing to deal with these emotions and moving them out of the body's energy field, it is believed that a lot of chronic problems that stem from trapped emotions can be resolved in a beneficial way to help the body heal.

Nutrition Matters

A lot of what the body deals with on a daily basis arises from the nervous system's ability to function properly. If the Nervous system is not operating at peak efficiency, this can be felt in terms of emotional states like depression or anxiety. Fortunately, seeing sunlight and getting vitamin D3 from the sun can help to awaken the nervous system and help people feel more alive. Members of the Vitamin B family can also play a key role in your overall emotional health. In particular B12 increases overall energy and B3 can help a lot of people with managing nervous system-related and neurological conditions. By providing your nervous system with the nutrients it needs on a regular basis, this ends up being one of the direct ways people can experience a more normalized emotional state with reduced stress and anxiety.

While emotional problems can be a major roadblock to a normal life, it is likely that with a little effort you can get to the bottom of any and all emotional issues you are currently facing. While there is no one size fits all solution for bringing your emotional state into perfect balance, it is encouraging to note that there exists a wide variety of holistic methods for treating even the most persistent and poor emotional state. From nutrition to exercise, the options open to you for making a huge impact on your emotional state is well within your grasp. How willing you are to try these options is totally up to you, and it only takes the right approach to get your emotional state in check and your life and health back on track.

Emma is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. Emma recommends energy healing for improved mental health. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2

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