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Basic first aid and safety techniques are something everyone should know. Being familiar with the most common skills to use in the event of an accident or health emergency could truly be the difference between life and death. Such incidents can occur anywhere and at any time, as many hazardous accidents happen at home or in the workplace. Before attempting to provide assistance on your own, call 911. If you want to be prepared to assist in such cases, read on to learn about the basic first aid techniques you should know.

Perform CPR

CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is one of the best techniques to know. It can help to save the life of someone who is not breathing or whose heart has stopped beating. You can learn CPR by taking a certification course, but even watching a video online may give you a basic understanding of how to use this technique.

Prevent Drowning

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Drowning is a possibility in many situations that start out as fun activities like swimming or boating. Before attempting to save a drowning person by swimming out to them, you should try other methods first. This is especially true if you are not a strong swimmer. Try to reach a person by extending a long object like an oar, pool net or safety net for them to grab. You could go to them by boat if that is an option. As a last resort, swim out and tow the victim to safety using a towel or safety ring.

Help in Case of Heart Attack

Do some reading online so that you can recognize the signs of a heart attack. You should perform CPR if cardiac arrest is obvious. Sometimes the signs of distress are more subtle. Providing an aspirin to someone over the age of 16 who isn’t allergic to aspirin or taking medications that counteract with it might reduce potential cardiac damage.

Treat Bleeding

While minor cuts or scrapes can be easily addressed, some bleeding can be life threatening. Wash your hands and wear gloves if you have them. Elevate the part of the body that is bleeding. You should clean dirt from the wound, but don’t attempt to remove anything that is embedded. Wrap the wound and apply pressure for 20 continuous minutes to stop bleeding.

These are the very basic first aid techniques you should know. Taking a class in first aid and safety is a wise investment.If you want to learn more about handling emergency situation, consider pursuing an emergency management online degree. Having a basic knowledge of how to deal with disaster or injury can go a long way towards keeping you cool-headed and competent if such a situation arises.

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