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Fall is hard on the waistline. Not only do we become increasingly sedentary and hermit-like, but we also find ourselves in the middle of the prime eating season. Turkey dinners, homemade pies, and gallons of hot apple cider–not to mention the candy raided from your little one’s Halloween stash. 

By the time Christmas rolls around, many of us are afraid of hopping on the scales–for fear of what it will tell us and also because we are afraid it might break. Before you dig out your “fat” pants, there is an upside to fall. It comes in the form of five wonderfully healthy, tasty, and fat-fighting foods. Yes, you heard correctly. Foods that actually fight fat. 

1. Oatmeal

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Yes, this “stick to your ribs” breakfast food is the perfect way to start your day. Not only is it nice to eat a hot meal on a chilly November morning, but oatmeal also keeps you feeling full for a long time–which will stave off the urge to snack. Because it necessitates a lengthy digestion process, it prevents sudden dips in your blood sugar levels. As a good source of soluble fiber, it will also help to combat high cholesterol. Your best choice is old-fashioned rolled oats topped with fresh fruit or raisins.

2. Green Tea

It’s time to shift from iced drinks to warm. If you want to combat the cold and battle the bulge, opt for green tea. Everyone knows that drinking caffeinated beverages boosts your metabolism, but green tea also contains catechins and phytochemical compounds–two metabolism-boosting ingredients that make this a fat-fighting powerhouse.

3. Squash

Squash are more than just decorative items for your Thanksgiving centerpiece or for carving out at Halloween. They are also versatile vegetables that pack a mighty fat-fighting wallop. High in fiber, they will keep you feeling full–and cost you very few calories–making them a wonderful alternative to less beneficial foods. Swap pasta for spaghetti squash, satisfy your sweet tooth with a butternut variety, or experiment with the versatile pumpkin. And don’t forget to keep your pumpkin seeds. With a third of the fat of peanuts, these roasted treats are a low-fat snacking choice.

4. Beans

Fall is the perfect season for chili and stew, so why not replace your meat with these low fat alternatives. Beans and legumes are extremely high in fiber, which means that your body must burn excess energy during digestion. They are also filled with resistant starch–an ingredient that will increase your ability to burn calories. High in potassium, beans and legumes play an important role in combating hypertension and stroke. Whether your preferred bean is of the kidney, lima, black, or navy variety–or you’re a fan of chickpeas or lentils–adding them to your diet will benefit you in a multitude of ways.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Instead of grabbing a traditional potato, reach for a sweet potato instead. A complex carbohydrate that is low on the glycemic index, this fiber-packed tuber will keep you feeling fuller longer–preventing you from snacking between meals. Low in calories, but high in taste, sweet potatoes will keep your blood sugars stable. The sweet potato can be cooked in plethora of ways, ensuring that you will never grow tired of seeing it on your plate.

Enjoy your fall and all its festivities. You can enjoy delicious foods without pushing your scales to the limits. And not once will you have to dig out the fat pants. Bon Appetite.

What is your favorite way of preparing these fat-fighting foods?


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