Edible fibers support the digestive functions of the human body. Although indigestible, said fibers steer our digestive system to absorb water and initiate a sweeping action over the intestines to prevent constipation and rid the body of intestinal tract discomforts.

Edible fibers actually pertain to the structural component of plants that are found in grains, vegetables, beans, and seeds. Also a type of carbohydrate, edible fibers is classified as soluble and insoluble. But whether you’re consuming soluble or insoluble fiber, the body needs a regular intake of at least 30 grams of fiber per day to get the digestive system running well.

Soluble fiber provides additional benefits to our heart. Scientific research revealed its ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels, which could also help reduce the risk of heart diseases. But how does flax seed fit into the picture?

Well, flax seed is definitely packed with soluble fiber. Fact is, each serving of ground flax seed holds over 11 grams of fiber in it. To mention that fiber is essential to a healthy heart is probably a cliché and yet what we fail to grasp is the reason why fiber is essential to a healthy heart.

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When too much LDL (low-density lipoprotein), also known in layman’s term as the bad cholesterol, circulates in the blood stream, it causes the formation of plaque in the walls of the arteries to constrict the transport of blood supply to the heart and probably trigger a heart attack and other vascular ailments. Now, you don’t want that to happen, right? Incidentally, a regular intake of flax seed can promote a significant drop in cholesterol levels based on the testimonies of customers who recently started a flax seed regimen.

Therefore, it is right to say that flax seed has a lot of heart in the way that it cares for the heart. A daily intake of one to two tablespoons of ground flax seed a day will help keep the heart healthy and thankful. Moreover, golden flax seed is typically tasty with its sweet and nutty flavor to make every intake a delight. What else? Flax seed actually enhances the flavor of cold cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, and chocolate milk, to name a few. When combined with baked or cooked dishes such as pan sauce, hamburgers and meatloaf the health benefits of fiber found in ground flax seed are retained in these meals to nourish you and your family.

So if you haven’t already tried it yet, then it’s about time you make flax seed part of your family’s diet. Always remember that flax seed has heart, and it’s good for yours as well!

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