If eating better is on your to-do list, there are few items you can slip into your daily diet that can improve your heart and overall health and help ward off certain diseases.

Salmon and Other Oily Fish. "wild salmon cuts inflammation that can lead to heart problems," said Katherine Tallmadge, of the American Dietetic Association, who cited salmon as well as mackarel, sardines, fresh tuna and anchovies as good sources of vitamin D and Omega-3.

Red wine. Since research suggests antioxidant in red wine, called poly-phenols, help protect the lining of blood vessels in your hear, Tallimadge called red wine "almost the perfect drink, It contains alcohol,  so drink it in moderation," she said.

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Rye. Doctors hav known that oat can bring down cholesterol, but so can rye, which may become a new "in" grain. But don’t buy regualr rye bread. Instead get rye mixed with whole wheat, it’s found in dense breads and crackers.

Pecans. Pecans are now becoming widely popular due to recent studies showing their nutritional value, specifically their antioxidant properties.


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