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The best way to improved health and looks is with the help of well-balanced diet. People often don’t think that food plays an important role in having a beautiful and healthy skin.

But the truth is, for optimum skin health you need to be healthy and eat right foods.

Most foods for healthy skin are not just good for you, but are also delicious, so it’s a win-win situation. Those foods are often rich in antioxidants, which are great for anti-aging not only for your looks but for the whole body.

The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

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Some of the best foods for healthy skin contain vitamin C These include kiwifruits, oranges, papayas and other types of citrus fruits.

Vitamin C is great for your skin because it assists in the production of collagen, the protein which makes the skin firm and youthful. It also strengthens the skin and blood vessels, and helps wounds to heal quicker.

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Another powerful vitamin is vitamin A. It is found in foods like carrots, spinach, eggs and fish. Vitamin A produces new skin cells, protects the skin against damage and prevents topical problems and diseases.

Foods like nuts, bananas and avocados are rich in vitamin B5, a great nutrient for accelerated cell growth and repairing of skin damage.

Minerals are also of great importance for healthy skin, for example zinc and magnesium. These are found in Brazil nuts and dark leafy greens.

When you are sure you are getting all those nutrients for healthy skin, start thinking about what kind of ingredients are in products you’re using. Are you using products filled with harmful chemicals? If you want beautiful skin, what you eat is only a starting point. You need to take care of your overall health. Exercising, getting enough sleep and not being stressed can go a long way of making sure your skin always looks amazing.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fooods To Eat for Beautiful Skin

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