tips to boost metabolism in adults

Although some people are skeptical whether food has the power to improve one’s mood, more and more studies are revealing that is exactly what is occuring. More and more research is being done  that show the definite link between what we eat and how we feel. There is plenty of evidence that shows how your diet can alter your brain chemistry as well as your metabolism.

1. Foods can boost your energy in three ways. The first way is by providing sufficient calories. The second way is by delivering stimulants (such as caffeine). Last but not least, by pushing the metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently.

2. Foods that improve your mood are those which stabilize blood sugar and trigger the release of the feel-good brain chemicals.

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3. Smart carbs (such as whole wheat bread, brown rice and cereal) are great at boosting energy and mood. They are capable of raising serotonin levels and they are the body’s preferred source of fuel. The foods you should avoid are sweets because they cause blood sugar to spike and plummet, which results in fatigue and moodiness.

4. Nuts are rich in magnesium which means that they can help your body convert sugar into energy.

5. Lean meats. These foods are rich in the amino acid known as tyrosine which boosts your levels of dopamine and norepinephrine (which help you feel more alert and focused).

6. Salmon. Studies show that omega 3 fatty acids can protect against depression.

7. Leafy greens. Folate, found in these greens, can reduce the risk of depression.

How To Improve Your Metabolis as You Get Older

We all know that a healthy metabolism can help us lose weight; however, not too many of us are actually happy with our metabolic activity. Perhaps some of us are worried that with age our metabolic activity has slowed down. Well, no matter what the reason may be, here are few tips which will help you improve your metabolism.

1. Build more muscle. People who have muscle actually burn calories constantly. Even when they are sitting on the couch watching TV they are burning calories.

2. Engage in aerobic exercise. Although aerobic exercise may not build big muscles, it can definitely help you rev up your metabolism.

3. Drink more water. Your body needs water in order to process calories. If you are even a little dehydrated your metabolism will slow down.

4. Drink water with ice. This may seem like a silly idea, but its not. Ice cold beverages prompt the human body to burn even more calories during digestion.

5. Eat more often but eat smaller meals. When you eat large meals twice a day you train your metabolism to slow down; when you eat small meals every 3-4 hours, your metabolism is more active and you burn more calories.

6. Use some spices. Spicy foods can kick your metabolism into high gear!

7. Eat more lean protein. Did you know that the body burns up to twice as many calories when it’s digesting protein than it does when it’s digesting fat or carbs?

These seven tips will help you improve the performance of your metabolism as well as give you necessary energy boost throught out the day.

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