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There’s a lot more to ergonomics than just providing new or branded office equipment for your employees. As a discipline, ergonomics is generally concerned with the study of people’s interactions in the workplace by identifying the type of work that employees do, the sets of tools they use, and the most suitable work environment for everyone.

The goal is to create a healthy workspace that makes employees feel at ease, without any form of restriction. This means workers can move about freely, not necessarily because there’s a lot of floor space, but because the desks, chairs, computers, and other office equipment are positioned in the right places.

It’s also characteristic of a work environment with good ergonomics to feature workstations that mimic good posture for workers. It should be easy for employees to adjust the height of office tables and chairs, so their entire body—from head to foot—is well-supported. There should also be enough provisions for sitting down, standing up, and walking around the office as this contributes to a healthier and more natural mobility of joints and muscles.

Ergonomic workspaces also take into consideration the lighting, temperature, and overall sense of comfort to help employees perform their day-to-day tasks.

And when it comes to work performance, there’s good reason why ergonomics is tied to productivity in the workplace. Since an ergonomically designed office meets both the physiological and psychological needs of workers, they’re able to work with greater efficiency and accuracy. For instance, employees who work in creative startups that have good office ergonomics don’t easily succumb to burnout because their body and mind feel relaxed.

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On the contrary, a poorly set-up workspace brings discomfort and sometimes even injury among employees. These injuries could range from eye strain to back pain and other more serious conditions. Needless to say, these health problems can prove to be costly for your business since they might force your employees to take a leave of absence to allow their body to recover. Even if you decide to hire temporary workers to fill the position, you’ll need to give your new employees enough time to learn the ropes.

In addition, it might be difficult for you to attract and retain top talent if you don’t prioritize workplace ergonomics. Employees work for eight hours or more every day, and they want an office where they’ll be happy and comfortable to spend a great deal of their time.

To be clear, you don’t need to revamp your whole office to turn it into an ergonomic workspace. Making simple adjustments to your office layout, encouraging your employees to adopt healthy work habits, and choosing affordable office design solutions can get the job done without costing too much for your business. In the long run, allowing your employees to work in an ergonomic setting can keep them productive, happy, engaged, and healthy.

Indeed, this makes ergonomics a business strategy worth investing in. You can find more insights and ideas about ergonomics in the accompanying infographic.

INFOGRAPHIC: Go for Ergonomic: How to Make A Healthier Workspace Ergonomic workspaces
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