Healthy Almonds

It’s 3 p.m., and your stomach is growling. It’s a long way until dinner, and you’ve got a choice to make. Which of the snacks below is the healthiest? And which is most likely to keep you going until dinner?

  • A granola bar
  • A brownie at an office birthday party
  • A handful of California almonds
  • An apple

Would it surprise you to know that a handful of almonds wins on both counts? Not only do these gourmet nuts pack in more nutrients per ounce than most other nuts, but they can even help you stay full longer and lose weight. California almonds are especially prized for their high quality, flavor and consistency. Read on to learn why almonds are the superfood of snacks:

Good Fats
40 percent of an almond is composed of monounsaturated fats, which are known as "good fats" because they can help lower blood cholesterol levels. Unlike saturated fats and dangerous trans fats, monounsaturated fats can actually improve the health of your arteries! In fact, studies have shown that eating a handful of almonds five times per week may decrease your risk of heart disease by up to 50 percent!

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The "good" monounsaturated fats in almonds also have an effect you may find surprising: weight loss. That’s because they help you feel full sooner and stay full longer. Unlike processed snacks that leave you craving sugar and carbohydrates an hour later, a 170-calorie handful of almonds is much more likely to keep your stomach satisfied all afternoon.

Vital Nutrients
Not only do almonds help you stay full through healthy fats, they are also nutritional powerhouses:

  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant with cancer-fighting properties. One ounce of almonds has 35% of your daily allowance.
  • Calcium is essential for strong bones, and a handful of almonds has as much calcium as a quarter-cup of milk.
  • Fiber helps aid digestion and is vital to a healthy diet.
  • Protein keeps you full longer-and away from the candy dish! Polyphenols are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. One ounce of almonds has as many polyphenols as a cup of green tea or half a cup of steamed broccoli!

According to the Almond Board, almonds have the most Vitamin E, calcium, fiber and protein of any tree nut. For only 170 calories, almonds are among the healthiest, nutrient-rich snacks you could choose.

Versatile Gourmet Nuts
The beauty of almonds is that you don’t have to eat a handful on their own to reap the benefits. Gourmet nuts with an everyday twist, almonds can be added to nearly every meal-whether sprinkled on your cereal or oatmeal, as a topping for salad, blended in a smoothie, or even encrusting your fish or chicken. Chocolate-covered almonds after a meal are an especially delicious dessert.

Almonds are also ideal for gluten-free living. Almond flour can be substituted for traditional flour in a variety of dishes, and adds a rich, nutty flavor to breads, cookies, and other baked goods.

The Superfood of Snacks
Whether you’re looking for another tool in your weight loss kit or just want to improve your health, almonds fit the bill. With 13 grams of monounsaturated "good" fats, an ounce of almonds packs a nutritional punch and keeps you full until your next meal.

All almonds are healthy, but not all offer the same high quality and flavor. Koeze California almonds are carefully roasted, lightly salted, and stand out from all others. From roasted to chocolate covered almonds, Koeze’s gourmet nuts are sure to please.


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