According to new scientific research, in the sphere of natural health and nutrition, green tea is one of the best consumable substances that could benefit the body if it is taken regularly. There are bioactive substances, catechins, and antioxidants in the green tea that are formidable to strengthen your immune system and ensure your total wellbeing. If you are a regular user of green tea, you will experience improved heart health, weight loss, reduction in the rate of cancer, enhanced and increased metabolism, strong immunity, and much more. Let us look at some of the benefits of taking green tea regularly.

Green tea boosts brain health

Do you know that the extracts from green tea have the potentials to improve and enhance brain functions? It influences the neurons, increases and strengthens their interactions and connectivity in the brain. There are bioactive elements that made the interaction between the various components of the brain easier and much faster. This interaction and connectivity will enhance greater performance and better performance of the brain cells.

Green tea for the body and mind

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Green tea extracts were given to some men during a research process to measure their cognitive performance, and it was found that the interaction between frontal and parietal brain lobes has increased and improved greatly leading to enhanced cognitive function.

Green tea and health cure

There are recognized results and proven effects of green tea on human health. A team of scientists from the University of Basel gives firsthand information that extracts and bioactive compounds from the green tea increases cognitive and reasoning effects and functions of the working memory. Therefore, the tea could be effective and efficient in the treatment of some clinical conditions such as mind defects in psychiatric patients suffering from dementia according to the scientific research of these Swiss scientists.

Green tea and memory power

There are scientific researches and discoveries made to buttress and emphasize the correlation between green tea and the working memory.  The extracts from green tea enhance and improve the capacity of the memory to function. There are bioactive compounds in the substance helping the brain cells, which are the pivot of the memory to become active and vibrant thereby improving the cognitive activities and effectiveness of the memory.

Green tea is a great source of nootropics, and many studies showed that nootropic supplements are very effective in improving your brain functionality, cognitive activity, and memory.

Green tea may help in the treatment of dementia

Regular intake of green tea results in improved cognitive and thinking abilities in those with dementia.

How else might green tea benefit your health?

Green tea helps to reduce the risk of inflammation in men who want to undergo prostatectomy.

Reduced mortality and chronic inflammation

Do you know that green tea has anti-oxidants that reduce inflammatory cells and thereby reducing mortality with the action of bioactive elements? Green tea can help you live healthier and last longer.

Heart health

The antioxidants and bioactive compounds in green tea have been revealed to hinder glucose and lipids in the intestines and blood vessels thereby ensuring excess sugar are reduced in the blood and the heart.     Regular intake of green tea results to increase metabolism, therefore waste materials are removed from the body easily enhancing the health of the heart.                                    

Type 2 diabetes

Green tea has been found to be an herbal cure essential for the regulation of glucose in the blood. Another team of health professionals from the School of Medicine in the Korean Republic organized a research with the extracts from green tea and polyethylene glycols for two rats. One was fed with polyethylene glycol complex and green tea extracts while another fed with green tea extracts only. The researchers concluded that polyethylene glycol reduced body weight and insulin resistance in diabetic rats. Therefore, green tea is a natural therapy for type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss

There are bioactive compounds and anti-oxidants in green tea that combined with polyethylene glycol, which play a significant role in regulating the glucose in the blood and reducing the fatty acids in the body.  Therefore, green tea mixed with polyethylene glycol is a safe dose and measure to checkmate body fat and obesity.

Bone health

Regular intake of green tea enhances the immune system of the body and regulates blood sugar. Excess sugar in the body affects the bones. Therefore a reduction or regulation of blood sugar means improved health of the bones.

Vision health

The eyes can function effectively if the blood sugar level is normal. The bioactive compounds in green tea help to regulate blood sugar and then enhance eyesight.

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