Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments

There are so many anti-aging skincare treatments available today. Age has a profound effect on skin.

Causes of Dull Skin. While youthful skin appears vibrant and alive, skin that has seen the effects of age can appear dull. This is unfortunately part of the aging process, but dull skin can convey an image and attitude that is much less favorable than one would want to project. Anti-aging skin care treatments address the issue of dull skin and contribute to the restoration of skin’s vibrance.

Age itself contributes to skin’s dullness, because as we age our bodies’ regenerative processes slow down. But there are many factors aside from just age that contribute to the dullness of skin. These include diet, lack of sleep, deficiencies of vitamins and other nutrients, and the use of or the misuse of skin care products. Fatigue and stress are such an integral factor in many people’s lives, but too much of these can make us look older than we are and dull our skin. Alcohol and smoking can add years to one’s appearance as can exposure to the sun and wind. Even genetics can contribute to the appearance of skin, and some people have genes that don’t hold back the years as well as others. Even make-up that is often used to conceal the effects of age can exacerbate dull skin if it isn’t used correctly.

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Effective Treatments

Fortunately, regardless of the cause of dull skin, there is plenty that we can do to slow down and even reverse the effects that age has on our skin. It is essential that we keep ourselves sufficiently hydrated. The body is composed largely of water, but the level of water in our bodies fluctuates throughout the day. Being sure to always drink enough healthy fluids can have a significant impact on the skin.

Diet is essential when it comes to combating the effects of age. Foods that are rich in amino acids and other fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 can work to restore skin’s luster. Berries, nuts, seeds, and beans fit into this category, as do avocados, spinach, collard greens, chicken, and fish. Deficiencies in amino acids and fatty acids contribute to a dull complexion, so it is essential that plenty of foods rich in them are included in our diets. Supplements that include these can have positive effects as well.

Moisturizers will do wonders for skin. The feeling that skin has dried out means that damage has already been done. Moisturizer should be used daily, especially in the dry and cold weather. Moisturizer should also be applied before make-up is put on. If make-up is applied to skin that hasn’t first had moisturizer applied to it, the skin will become dull.

Exercise is a great anti-aging skin care treatment. There is really no better way to enliven the skin than by living a more active life. Perspiration during exercise helps to clean pores by flushing out dirt that’s trapped in them. It also helps the body slough off old dead skin that can build up on our bodies. Exercise is also stimulating to the glands in the skin that produce oils. These oils are circulated through the layers of skin during exercise coating them and contributing to a healthy, more youthful appearance.

There are many products available that can lessen and even reverse the dullness that skin tends to show as we age. These products work by restoring lost nutrients to the skin and by performing other important functions. Many products contain gentle exfoliants that help to wash away dead skin. When using exfoliants it is important that only mild abrasives be used and that they are used with plenty of water. Harsher abrasives can cause damage and result in acne. Products that contain aluminum oxide crystals can clean the skin surface and remove dirt and dead skin cells. This can also contribute to a more youthful appearance.

Most cosmetics, whether they are for cleaning or for moisturizing are applied by massaging them into the skin. Massaging the skin improves blood circulation. Also, facial muscles benefit greatly from regular massages. Regularly massaging the face with facial creams and oils will not only moisten the skin, but it will also help to improve the skin’s appearance, and tighten and strengthen the facial muscles..

Even steam can help liven up the skin. Hot steamy showers are great for the skin, as are more intensive steam treatments that are available. Steam can effectively clean out deep seated dirt, debris, and make-up that can become imbedded in the skin Steam also opens up pores and allows the skin to more effectively flush away toxins.

What to Do Next

There are many factors that contribute to the dullness of skin that comes with age, and there are many remedies as well. While it is impossible to eliminate all the causes of dull skin, it is necessary to minimize them whenever possible. Combining this with a variety of different measures that slow down and reverse the effects of age on the skin is the most effective form of anti-aging skin care treatment. – The ultimate source for articles, tips, and advice to help you look years younger

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