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So you have finally figured out which kind of diet you are going to stay on. After well thought-out contemplation and research, let’s hope you selected a diet which you feel is most feasible to your lifestyle, and one that you will be able to stay with.

Well Done!! Now it’s time to go over healthy eating habits which are focal no matter what kinds of foods you’re eating.

Countless people fall into a bad habit of going on a low carb diet, which includes some high fat proteins, to cheat later in the day and load up on simple sugars. This is not a good idea at all, so we’ll talk about behaviors to steer clear of this type of downfall.

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Morning Healthy Eating Habits

Let’s begin in the morning: If you are capable to wake up early enough, doing cardio in the morning earlier than you eat is a fantastic idea. You have little to no food in your system to use as fuel, so your body turns to its stored energy (fat) to run on. Also, this gets your metabolism going early on in the day to make you a calorie burning machine.

Portion control is the name of the game! Portions by and large aren’t an issue for breakfast during the week cause you’re out the door to work; but try to eat slowly, chew thoroughly and with a large glass of water. You can drink your morning coffee or juice, but make sure you are not using artificial creamers or putting loads of sugar to your coffee. Many of the big name coffee retailers (i.e. Starbucks) add large amounts of sugar to the specialty drinks which add up to significant amounts of calories per serving. Always be conscious of what you’re drinking as well as eating.

So you’ve made it to work and there is a box of donuts in the lounge. If you can walk by the box 10 times without being tempted than good for you. If you are like me, then doing that is not possible. Try to stay away from falling into the “I’ll just have a bite” and then the second time you pass by you do the same and so on and so on. And at days end you’ve had 4 donuts. Know yourself well enough and resolve to eat one and just one donut. It’s perfectly fine, just make that your indulgence for the day and maybe add a couple minutes to your cardio workout. A donut is frequently a much better choice than a bagel.

Bring a pre-made healthy snack from home is always the way to go. What you should steer clear of doing is taking the whole box or package of whatever it is you’re snacking on. Invest in some reusable containers so you can portion your snacks. So when you finished your measured amount, you can’t refill for more food you don’t need.

Lunchtime Healthy Eating Habits

Finally lunchtime!! You earned this break, so enjoy it. Don’t eat lunch at your desk while you’re doing work. It is favorable to take at least a 10-minute break to loosen up, and enjoy your meal. Doing this will permit you to chew and digest your lunch more efficiently and effectively when you are present and not over-involved with work. Once you’ve finished your lunch, if you have time and the weather permits, take a 5-10 minute walk. This is especially beneficial for blood flow, digestion and to prevent the dreaded post-lunch food coma that will have you searching for the nearest couch.

Your snack in the afternoon should be just like your mid-morning one. Do some investigating and taste testing for a good energy/protein bar that works with your diet. This is often easier said than done cause of the innumerable choices there are and many of them are full of sugars and have high fat content. Be careful of how many calories your bar has. You aren’t looking for a 400+ calorie meal replacement. I suggest Luna Bars for men and women. There is nothing to do with the nutritional content that makes these bars specifically for women. It’s only the wrapper. I think they are a better tasting, lower calorie variety of the well know Clif bar. Plus they are reasonable with the amount of sugar per bar.

Dinner Healthy Eating Habits

It’s finally dinner time and this at this time of the day your body is winding down and really doesn’t need that much energy. Portion control is huge for dinner. Plus it is always helpful to eat earlier than really late at night. If workable, instead of eating a big meal and heading right for the couch, again if you can take a walk or at least be active throughout the house, you will benefit significantly. Try to watch the number of carbs you ingest especially sugars which can spike your insulin. When you finish your meal, put away all foods and leave the kitchen or eating area. Take with you a sizable glass of water so you don’t end up back in the kitchen later being tempted to snack.
Following some of these healthy eating habits will help keep you on track towards your weight loss and fitness goals.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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