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Guided Meditation is the art of having the voice of a guide and often music, walk you through the steps to focus on breathing and reduce anxiety or tension. Using one of the many compilations available, the guide and the music speak to your brain waves and soothe your mind into a more stress-free zone.

Guided meditation focuses the meditator on straight posture and deep breathing, which physiologically has been proven to bring down heart rate, blood pressure and allow your body to completely let go of the physical tension. Guided Meditators have reported less neck pain, back pain and headaches.


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Beginning a regimen of guided meditation on a daily basis is the key to reducing anxiety and dealing with stress. However, if you simply cannot find the time, skipping a session here or there is just fine. Meditating for just 15-20 minutes in the morning will give you an affirming start to your day, doing it for a few minutes at the end of the day will help ease you to bed. On days when you have more time, give yourself the gift of a full hour of meditation.
Guided Meditators have shared that a good session can feel as restful as a full night sleep. Imagine the productivity when you reduce anxiety and improve the quality of your life!

Your life unfortunately is not going to get less busy, but learning to deal with the stress and anxiety will enable you and your body, to be prepared to handle it. Guided Meditation is an effective and wonderful way to reduce anxiety and improve your overall wellness.

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