To ensure the optimum living, being healthy and having a good health is paramount. One of the proven ways of achieving this is through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. One of the best type of exercise that can greatly improve your health is cycling. Below are some of the benefits that come when you start bicycling as part of your exercise regiment.

 1. Biking is great for you cardiovascular and muscular systems

Cycling makes your muscles work hard for longer periods than regular intense exercises. Which will make your muscles increase in size and strength giving you more muscle power and endurance. Such increase in mass and endurance of muscles will also help you remain healthy well into old age. Furthermore biking is great for toning and building your muscles in the lower half of your body.

Cycling is also associated with improved cardiovascular fitness, as well as decrease of coronary heart disease.

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2. The right recipe for a healthy heart

Regular cycling ensures less cholesterol deposition on your blood vessels. This in turn lowers your risk for cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Through cycling, blood vessels also get tauter due to exertion, making them less susceptible to aneurysms.

Regular cycling also will lower your resting heart rate, which will reduce the risk of diseases such as hypertension.

3. Faster Healing Process

As you exercise, there is increased blood flow to your muscles and skin. This provides your body with the necessary nutrients that are crucial for healing and recovery.

4. Improves Mental Health

Cycling increases the release of a substance known as dopamine, which is responsible for lowering stress levels and helping fight the depression.


So if you're looking to get back in shape or need a low impact workout, cycling is a great way to get you on the way to being healthy and living longer.

For more health benefits check out the infographic below. 

Author Bio:  Micah Fletcher is a renowned health and technology blogger. He has written several articles about e-bikes and health. Be sure to follow his work online to find more answers to the ever-nagging question, Is riding an ebike even exercise?

Health Benefits Of Cycling


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