What is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is a combination of a relaxing spa experience and the medical procedures that you would normally receive from your physician. They have become very popular recently and are a place to get treatment for such conditions as ageing skin, hair removal and acne, among others.
A medical spa will be overseen by a physician and this person will be responsible for procedures that fall into the realm of medicine. Other procedures which are more routinely seen at a spa will be handled by other professional members of staff. There are often very luxurious spa procedures such as massages available but there are also specialist treatments that you might normally associate with a dermatological clinic.

Who Goes to Medical Spas?

A normal spa is limited in the number of treatments that can offer to a person and therefore they focus on beauty and relaxation. Medical spas appeal to people who want treatments that are not available at a normal spa and these are usually those that require a physician. Those who are seeking laser treatment often go to medical Spas as this has to be conducted by a licensed practitioner. People often go to medical spas to receive treatment such as micro dermabrasion, chemical peels, Botox injections and even minor day surgeries. These are procedures that are not available at a day spa and so attract a different kind of client.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit One?

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The cost of going to a medical spa will vary depending on which medical spa you go to and what sort of treatment you are seeking. It is important to remember that these procedures are medical and so can be quite expensive but fortunately most people are not usually shocked by the prices.

As a general rule, the more invasive the procedure, the more it is going to cost. For example a facelift is going to cost significantly more than a simple Botox injection. Laser hair removal is a very popular process and generally costs around $500 for a treatment, with the average person requiring around four sessions.

Many treatments that you would also receive at a standard spa are available at a medical spa but they might be priced higher because of the more medical nature of their services.

Will Health Insurance Cover Medical Spas?

The vast majority of medical insurance companies will not cover medical spa treatment. They describe it as a cosmetic treatment and is therefore something that is not covered by a typical insurance policy – this would include such treatments as Botox, laser hair removal and a chemical peel.

Some of the treatments offered at a medical spa are regarded as physical therapy and therefore might be eligible under some insurance policies. There are also some massage procedures that a doctor might prescribe to treat injuries from the workplace or sports and these can sometimes be had at a medical spa, again, these can often be covered by insurance policies.


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