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Being healthy is one thing we all try to put in the list of our constants. It’s like everybody’s rule, which, unfortunately, we all love to break. Your lifestyle and your attempt of being healthy are intertwined. For example, that after-office drinking session that has already been part of your lifestyle have direct effects on your health.

There are gazillion health tips presented to us through various forms of media. In this article, I’ll give you five unconventional ways to improve your health and lifestyle. Did you know that your brain will thank you if you learn a new language and there could be a positive change in your lifestyle when you recycle old clothes? Yes, more on those two later and why they’re part of the list.

Your journey to a healthier you and a well-lived life is filled with realistic routines fit to your needs. Incorporate them gradually into your life, let’s say for a month, and see if they make any difference in your health and lifestyle.

Weight-loss trick

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Are you a foodie who visits a new restaurant every weekend and has the most satisfying gastronomical adventures, which are all documented on drool-inducing Instagram feed? At most times you might feel guilty of over-eating, but what can you do? There are just too much good food to eat, too many buffet deals to grab.

This may seem weird but some women in France tie a ribbon around their waist when they go out for dinner. The ribbon is tied underneath their clothes, which makes them conscious about their tummy once they eat more. You think this can help you control your eating habits? There’s no harm in trying this French weight-loss trick, especially if you’re working on having a slimmer waist.

Better posture

Poor posture could result to chronic back pain or worse, a spine problem. A hunchback or kyphosis is common in older women but can affect people at any age.

Nobody wants to grow old with a hunched back, right? Having a good posture means you take good care of your spine. You look good and you feel good. There are exercises meant to correct bad posture and other related problems. So if you think your back is happy and still doing great with all the slouching you make, think again.

You can do these exercises to combat postural kyphosis or maybe the simple but effective 15-minute back exercise video from this Bright Side.

Sharper brain


Learning a new language is a requirement if you seek to begin a new life abroad, either to work for a couple of years or to settle down for good. Being a bilingual gives you more benefits than you imagine. Learning how to speak a language that is not native to your tongue helps you survive in that country where that’s the native language.

Don’t you think it also makes you smart? Imagine you’re on a business trip attending a conference where there are many Korean delegates and you happen to know how to speak their language. That’s a bonus point to spark their interest on you especially if your main purpose is to build networks to introduce your company.

If that’s not amazing enough, did you know that being bilingual makes your brain sharp and lowers your risk of the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Being a multilingual may take serious effort and commitment, but you surely will reap long-term benefits for your well-being.

Quality time with family

When was the last time you had an awesome family bonding? If it was long ago since you last went out on a family trip or even just a dinner date with your folks, then it’s time you schedule a day or an entire weekend with your loved ones soon.

Spending quality time with your family has a long list of benefits that are good for your health. On top of the list is how family bonding reduces stress. And when you have lower stress levels, you can keep related health issues like heart attacks, stroke, and hormonal imbalance at bay. Simple family activities like watching movies or visiting an ecological park are good bonding experiences.

If you have kids, family bonding is greatly important for their growth and development. The interactions among family members help improve their interpersonal skills. As for you, having some playtime with your kids will bring out your youthfulness and will create a strong bond between you and your children.

Bonding activities especially those done outdoors are good for your heart’s health, mental health, emotional well-being, and for your body as well.

Decluttered home

You might be wondering why I included this in the list. What’s the connection of a decluttered home to your health? A clean and organized home gives you a sense of peace and order. Decluttering lessens stress inside your house. If everything is neat and tidy, it’s easy to have a relaxing time. A home-sweet-home is always something to smile and be happy about.

Now how can you discard all the clutter in your home? Is it possible to live a minimalist life and still be happy and fulfilled? The answer is a resounding YES.

If you’re ready to embrace minimalism in your life, start with your closet. You’d be surprised how many unused clothes you have that you should get rid of or repurpose. When you recycle old clothes, you give those old wardrobe items a new life. You keep those you can still use like that worn out knitted cardigan you can repurpose and turn into a pillowcase. Also, think about the extra money you can make if you sell your recycled or upcycled clothes.

Next, check out your kitchen for damaged items you haven’t discarded thinking you can still repair and reuse them. But if it has been months or more than a year since you promised to fix them, don’t even bother anymore. Throw them all away.

When you have a minimalist lifestyle, you focus on what’s really important to you. You create as much space as you can to let your house breathe. Minimalism teaches you not to become materialistic. Purge your drawers and cabinets and realize how doing it can give you peace of mind.

Improving your health and your lifestyle is the best way to love yourself. Take these tips I gave you and see the good results in no time.

Bio: Sophie, is an aspiring blogger who loves to write articles about anything and everything under the sun. She finds joy in recycling and donating clothes, the idea of making something new from an old thing amazes her. Get in touch with her at @Sophie___Smith

Image source: admartdigital via pixabay.com

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  1. It’s also very important to connect yourself with nature. Big city has a lot of noise, air and light pollution, so we need to spend a couple of hours a week somewhere on the outskirts or in the woods


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