Dry skin condition is disliked equally by both men and women. Though this condition does not result in any serious ailment, but it produces an uncomfortable feeling and the overall appearance of an individual receives a heavy setback.

The oil and the moisture balance of the skin get disrupted giving rise to a scaly and dull appearance, which demands due treatment to restore the normal balance. Exposed parts of the body like face, arms, legs and chest are mostly affected due to the rapid moisture loss from these areas.


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The natural glow of the skin gets reduced to a great extent due to the dryness of the skin, which can be indicated through.

1. Dull and scaly appearance of the skin.
2. Feeling of tightness after having a shower.
3. Itching of the skin.
4. Formation of wrinkles and cracks on the skin.


Dry skin condition results due to the insufficient production of oil from the skin glands and the moisture is also reduced especially in the cold and winter seasons when there is less amount of humidity. Other contributing factors are –

1. Deficiency of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A, B and E.
2. Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis.
3. Reduced oil production by the oil glands.
4. Aging
5. Heredity

Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin requires due attention and proper treatment as it is prone to wrinkles and the condition may deteriorate with change in weather conditions. It is worth to try out simple home remedies to treat this condition which has long lasting effects compared to the branded skin lotions that are largely available in market.

1. Massaging the face and other parts of the body with olive oil and almond oil regularly before going to bed restores some of the lost glow of the skin.

2. Application of a mashed banana on the face and the neck is the best remedy for this condition.

3. Using grape seed oil for massaging the body is another effective method in treating dry skin.

4. The skin of the lips can be massaged with the cream of the milk to treat the dryness.

5. Trying castor oil and avocado oil in case of severe dryness is highly effective than other remedies.

6. Nutritional supplements in the form of Vitamin enriched fruits and vegetables must be included in the daily diet.

7. Foods rich in omega -3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna etc. helps in restoring the oil balance of the skin.

8. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps the skin hydrated.

9. Exercise helps in improved blood circulation that helps in reducing dryness of the skin.

10. Alcohol-free oil based moisturizers of reputed brand must be used and applied immediately after the shower.

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