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D.A.S.H. stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”. It is a dietary program that is specifically designed to combat the problems of high blood pressure. D.A.S.H. focuses on making changes in the diet of an individual, in order to make it much heart friendly. The success of D.A.S.H. dietary program lies in the fact that it stays away from devising you the overnight hypertension solutions or using some unheard drugs.

D.A.S.H. is more than a lifelong dietary approach, which aims to provide you a full cardiovascular care. This diet emphasizes on including a variety of foods in the diet so that we can get our daily quota of all the important micro and macro nutrients. D.A.S.H. diets work by including the most important nutrients that our body requires and rejecting the food items that are causing any kind of harm to our body, especially to our heart.

Someone has rightly said that prevention is better than cure. The saying holds particularly true in case of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that there are thousands of people who have the blood pressure that’s too high to consider them healthy. However, these people also do not fall in to the category of heart patients who need proper drug treatment. So we have a new category of people here, who could be the next victim of high blood pressure or in medical terms, Hypertension. This stage of blood pressure is commonly known as the pre-hypertension stage. Also, pre-hypertension is precisely the stage where prevention can help to a great extent in tackling the problem of high blood pressure. One such preventative method to tackle the high blood pressure is D.A.S.H.

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If you make a list of the food items that we consume on a daily basis and can wreak havoc in our cardiovascular system, sodium features somewhere at the top of that list. It’s not a hidden secret that the high amount of sodium in the diet is one of the major factors, which are responsible for high blood pressure. As obvious, management of the sodium content in our diet is one of the main areas of focus of D.A.S.H. diet. To deal with the issue, D.A.S.H. works like a “double edged sword”; firstly it reduces the intake of sodium and then it stresses on including more healthy micronutrients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium in our diet. Currently two versions of D.A.S.H. diet are in use, namely; standard D.A.S.H. diet and lower sodium D.A.S.H. diet. The difference lies mainly in the amount of sodium content. In standard D.A.S.H. diet, sodium intake can be up to 2300 mg/day and in lower sodium D.A.S.H. diet; you cannot exceed 1500 mg/day.

Studies have shown that the users that were on the D.A.S.H. diet have experienced a significant drop in their blood pressure. D.A.S.H. diet is truly a wholesome approach. That may be the reason, why D.A.S.H. diet is found to be useful in treating so many conditions other than hypertension; namely, weight loss, diabetes, cancer and even osteoporosis.

In order to combat any condition that’s challenging your cardiovascular health or any part of the body, you need to make some substantial dietary changes and D.A.S.H. diet is definitely the right step you should take in order to combat your high blood pressure.

Worldwide, high blood pressure causes: 62% of all strokes and 49% of all heart attacks. It’s always a good idea for anyone who suffers to conduct a thorough research and find out more about high blood pressure and take a proactive  role with their care.

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