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There are a lot of skincare products that can give you younger and healthier-looking skin, but while most of these products do work as advertised, many people would rather learn how to achieve flawless skin naturally. As challenging as this sounds, all-natural skin care is a lot easier than you might think. All it takes is to follow these simple tips.

Avoid Heavy Cleansers

While you should be washing your face every day, you should be careful about what cleansers you use. Your skin doesn’t need to be scrubbed with harsh ingredients; that will only dry out your skin and strip it of the natural oils that are essential to its health.

You should use a cleanser on your face, but make sure it is a gentle cleanser with plant-derived ingredients. If you’re unsure if there are such ingredients in your cleanser, look for the prefixes coco- (for coconut) and gluco- (for fruit sugars). You should also get rid of your toner as well. A toner might help restore your skin’s natural pH after you’ve used an alkaline detergent soap, but you won’t need it if you use a gentle, all-natural cleanser with the right ingredients.

Change Your Diet

Nearly every aspect of your health stems from your diet, and your skin is no exception. Your diet should include natural sources of protein such as fish and nuts, whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa, and fiber from fruits and vegetables. Broccoli, tomatoes and beets are all particularly good for your skin’s health. You should also be drinking plenty of water to maintain healthy skin. Not only will drinking at least two liters of water a day flush out your system and eliminate toxins and other waste, but your skin is composed of 15 percent water. Even if a great-looking skin isn’t your top priority, drinking plenty of water will do wonders for your overall health.

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Ditch Fragrances

Fragrances in make-up and skincare products are the leading cause of skin-related allergic reactions. If your skin is particularly sensitive, you should stick with skincare companies such as the Siberian Health Company that specializes in fragrance-free products. Even if you haven’t had an allergic reaction before, you might develop an allergy later in life. There are plenty of all-natural skincare products from that do not contain fragrances, so seek them out if you really want the healthy-looking skin.

Invest in a Good Moisturizer

Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin can be complicated. You need something that will lock moisture into your skin, but you don’t want to choose anything too heavy if you have oily skin. No matter what kind of skin you have, you want to choose a moisturizer that both hydrates and protects your skin. Plant-based moisturizers that contain natural oils, butter, and essential fatty acids will be much more effective than anything with petroleum or other man-made ingredients. All-natural ingredients will also contain more antioxidants, which will provide your skin with even more protection from free radicals. A moisturizer that contains a good sunblock will also prove useful.

Limit Exposure to the Sun

Speaking of the sun, you should be limiting your skin’s exposure to it. A little bit of sun might be good for your overall health, but it contains UV radiation that will damage your skin and cause serious health problems with prolonged exposure. Avoid direct exposure to the sun between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM, and try to wear clothing that covers most of your skin. If you don’t want to cover yourself up too much, find a sunblock with an SPF above 45 to keep your skin from burning.

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