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Going to the gym is a common part of many people’s daily routine. A daily gym habit is a great way to stay in shape and maintain overall health. However, a lot of people have run into the issue of picking up illnesses while at the gym.

It is important for every gym-goer to know the best ways to avoid getting sick and still maintain their normal fitness routine. There are a few tricks that everyone can use to make their workouts as productive as possible. Here are some ways to avoid picking up germs at the gym.

Disinfect equipment before and after using it

There is a lot of shared equipment in every gym. Most people pay for their gym membership so they can have access to all of this equipment, so avoiding it entirely is not an option. However, this equipment can be riddled with the germs of the last person who used it. Make sure to use the Metrex disinfecting wipes or sprays that the gym provides, or bring with some wipes to use on the items before and after each use.

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Wash your hands

This is a trick that every health care professional will tell anyone to avoid getting sick, no matter where they are. Frequent hand washing is always the best way to avoid getting an illness, especially at the gym. Never touch your face before washing your hands.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Bringing your own water bottle may seem unnecessary to some people who would be just as comfortable using the gym’s water fountains, but a personal water bottle is another step anyone can take to avoid illness. Everyone should try to bring their own water bottle, as well as their own mat and other equipment when possible.

Don’t go barefoot

Many classes and gyms promote people working out without shoes on. Though this may be more comfortable for a lot of people, it is also a good way to get sick more often. Try wearing shoes as much as possible in the common areas of the gym. If you arein a class where shoes are not permitted, consider foot wraps that provide protection without limiting mobility.

Shower at home

It is common for facilities today to have showers available to members. This can be a convenient way to fit in a quick workout and then head to the office. However, gym showers are often the most germ-infested areas of the gym. Shower at home to know that it is clean.

Take a sick day if you catch a bug

This is often the most difficult rule for people to follow. If a person does get sick, it is always a good idea for them to avoid the gym for a few days until they are feeling better. This can not only help prevent other people from getting sick, but also allow you to feel better faster. Take a rest day and hit the gym at 100 percent the next day.


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