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We all have daily habits that save us brainpower and keep us on a healthy schedule. You may arrive at work the same time every morning and grab the same to-go breakfast, then you have an early afternoon tea to power through the afternoon slump. You don’t have to think twice about these habits and they keep you focused.

Habits are great tools, but bad ones can harm your health and well-being. You may have started staying late and grabbing takeout on the way home. It’s a quick solution to a stressful workload, but it can begin to hurt your mental, personal, and financial health.

Bad habits aren’t easy to change, so the best solution is to redirect your habit towards a positive one.

When you understand how your brain develops habits, you can discover what triggers your habit and its rewards, and then you have the power to stop the automation and build a new habit.

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Here’s an infographic from Turbo that explains how to change your habits so you can use the power of habits to improve and maintain your health and positivity.


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