Bad Breath

The idea of how to cure bad breath is very different than the concept of how to simply treat or mask bad breath. Gums and mints can hide the odor from your mouth, but of course they are not a cure for halitosis. For someone that wants permanent results, you need to know how to cure bad breath, not just cover it up.

Of course, the only way you can really understand how to cure bad breath is to understand why it’s happening in the first place. Do you have gum disease or gingivitis? What about an infection in your tonsils or sinuses? These things can cause chronic bad breath if not treated properly.

There are other, more serious medical conditions that cause bad breath as well. These include diabetes, kidney disease, and hormonal imbalances. The only key in realizing how to cure bad breath in these cases is to get these conditions diagnoses properly and then treated by your doctor. No amount of mouthwash in the world will treat your bad breath if it’s because of diabetes or something more serious.

But how to cure bad breath if it’s not the result of a medical condition? There are some things you can do every day to help. For one, you absolutely must see your dentist or oral hygienist. Only he or she can tell if you have advanced cases of tooth decay or periodontitis that may be causing your bad breath. If so, he or she can tell you how to cure bad breath from these conditions. It may mean a dental procedure or just better oral care.

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There may be things that you’re doing to bring this condition on yourself, in which case the key is to stop those things! For example, if you drink an excessive amount of alcohol, you may be drying your mouth and teeth. Dry mouth typically causes halitosis. A key in learning how to cure bad breath is learning how to prevent it with your own practices and habits. Smoking, snoring, breathing through your mouth, and eating highly acidic foods all cause severe cases of halitosis. You can’t just treat your bad breath if any of these things are the cause of it. Only by getting to the root of your particular case of bad breath can you learn how to cure bad breath once and for all.


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