One of the peskiest skin imperfections are acne, which are caused when the oil and dead skin cells fill and clog up your pores. There are various names people call these imperfections, such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, blemishes etc. but each of these are different types of acne which can leave marks and scars if not treated properly.


Is Prevention Possible?

You cannot prevent acne from forming on your face, but there are some things you can do to keep acne from getting worse. Gently wash your skin every day, avoiding scrubbing; try avoiding excess sweating if that irritates the acne and wash your hair regularly if it’s too oily. Also, avoid any hair products, such as mousses, gels and pomades that are also too oily; avoid touching your face and always keep it clean with gentle cleansers. Stay away from oily beauty products that will only encourage skin oils and dirt to cause more acne. Even though you cannot prevent them, you can do your best to get rid of them and try to control their occurrence on the long run. 

Getting Rid of Acne

Firstly, you should know that there are three types of acne: mild, moderate and severe. Mild acne are whiteheads or blackheads that are very common and everyone gets them; moderate ones include inflamed pimples (papules) and red pimples with white centers (pustules); and severe acne appear under your skin, cause painful cyst or lumps called nodules, which can leave permanent scars on your skin.

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As soon as you determine which type of acne appeared on your skin you can start your treatment. For treating mild acne you will need to cleanse the skin gently with warm water and mild soaps. You can also apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. For moderate and severe acne you may need stronger treatment and medicines. Here also you can apply benzoyl peroxide or some prescription antibiotic gels, creams, lotions or apply retinoids and azelaic acid. Another solution is having your doctor drain large pimples and cysts. 

What about the Scars?

As we already said, some types of acne or their mistreatment can leave you with scars on your skin. Scars caused by acne come in two different forms: “rolling” scars that have a gradual dip or depression and deep narrow scars. There are various ways to treat acne scars but the treatment depends on how severe they are. If you have mild scars, your dermatologist may suggest having a chemical peel or microdermabrasion to treat the scars. However, if the scarring is more serious then you can undergo some different procedures.

Forlaser and filler treatments you just have to make an appointment with your dermatologist. Laser skin resurfacing removes the top layer of your skin which is damaged and can tighten the middle layer and leave you with smooth and glowing skin. This procedure can take from a few minutes to an hour, and it will take your skin between 3 to 10 days to completely heal, so be patient.

Dermal fillers can easily be injected and help you fill in the indentations that were left behind from acne scars. These fillers will help you hide those uncomfortable scars, and sometimes even heal and remove them completely.

Another solution for acne scars is dermabrasion. This procedure involves rotating wire brush or a spinning diamond instrument which wears down the surface of your skin. During the healing process, smoother layer of new skin replaces damaged skin, and this process could take between 10 days to 3 weeks.

Lastly, you can undergo fractional laser therapy and treat your skin on a deeper level. Healing time for this process is much shorter than the other, since it makes no damages on the surface of your skin, but it can treat the most severe and deep acne scars.

Many people struggle with acne and their scars every day. These treatments can only have a positive effect, so treat your skin properly and get that confidence back.

Author: Elise is fitness girl from Colorado. She is health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports, after all she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. This article was born out of research done in cosmetic surgery and dermal fillers area.

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