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Winter travel exposes you to harsh climates, less sleep, and lots of different viruses. Your skin can also dry out quickly, and even develop painful cracks. Since the skin is the immune system's first line of defense, you don't want that barrier to be broken or damaged during a stressful trip. Keep your skin moisturized and in good condition with some of these five ways to deal with dry skin while traveling.

1. Use Coconut Oil

For extra protection in winter, consider using coconut oil on your skin to keep it hydrated. A small travel container of extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil can be invaluable in soothing irritated skin. You may also consider incorporating coconut oil into your diet for a short period before you travel to protect from the inside out.

2. Cover Your Skin When Outside

When traveling in the winter, make sure to cover up. There is less humidity in the air during this season, which means that skin is quickly sapped of its moisture. Wear long sleeves, hat, gloves, and use a scarf to protect your face. This helps slow drying from exposure to those chilly winds.

3. Moisturize Before Flying

The lower cabin pressure inside an airplane has dehydrating effects. Apply plenty of lotion the night before getting into a plane, so your skin is prepared for the trip. You could also take along a small bottle of lotion, but this may not be allowed if too large. The TSA requires all containers of liquid in carry-on luggage to be 3.4 ounces or smaller in size.

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4. Bring Along Lip Balm

Your lips can get chapped and dried out fast during a flight or when exposed to the winter winds and sun. Consider carrying a medicated lip balm or balm with SPF protection to shield your lips. This also keeps any lipstick you want to wear from wearing off as fast.

5. Use Mist Spray

If you are starting to feel dried out or need refreshing while in a hot or dry climate, use a mist spray with mineral water and natural ingredients to refresh your skin. You can seal in the moisture with a little bit of lotion.

Traveling can be hard on the body, especially in winter. The resulting dry skin is irritating, itchy, and may leave you exposed to infection. Keep yourself looking and feeling great by using some of these tips to fight off dry skin.

If you continue to have skin problems and can’t get your skin stay moisturized, even after following these tips, you might want to consider contacting a dermatologist, who can better diagnose and treat your specific condition.

Use the comment section below to share your favorite tips for keeping your skin healthy while traveling. 

Below is infographic with more general health tips on how to keep your skin healthy.

5 Tips for Healthy Skin


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