New Year’s Resolutions are the promises we make to ourselves in January of each year, only to find ourselves falling back into our bad eating habits before Easter.

We make a pact with ourselves to form good healthy eating habits because we know that that one change will enhance our lives. Everyone knows that it is a good thing to form good healthy eating habits but few people have the will power to make this drastic lifestyle change for the long haul all by themselves.

There are ways to form healthier eating habits that won’t wreck your social status or run your friends away. The most common reason that individuals can’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions are that they expect to become perfect overnight. If you make your goals too restrictive, you set yourself up for failure.

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Here are some tips for forming good healthy eating habits:

1. Tell Family and Friends

Tell the family that there will be a fun night fixing smoothies. Announce that the reason is that everyone needs to eat more fruits and vegetables. Tell them why. This will involve the whole family in the lifestyle change.

Do not try going it alone for fear that if they see you doing the late night run to McDonalds’s they will consider you a failure. You might be surprised. Your family and friends will respect you for your effort of self improvement and offer support.

Husbands might start grocery shopping or children might start dinner Miracles do happen.

2. Avoid Fast Food Restaurants early in the process. Taking small steps in the direction of a healthier lifestyle could be as simple as learning to make simple healthy meals at home rather than going to the fast food restaurant. If we do go out to eat, we can make healthier choices from the menu.

When you make the decision to form healthy eating habits, you must avoid triggers.

It is almost impossible to change your eating habits at a fast food joint. The smell, the golden arches are all triggers that will dissolve your resolution to eat healthier. It is not a lack of will power that drives you to order a "Big Mac" and fries, much of the taste and aroma of American fast foods are chemically manufactured to elicit both emotional and physical responses.

When you smell Mcdonald’s, you get a experience a feeling of hunger even if you just finished a meal. The whole advertising campaign is designed to have you associate the fast food restaurants with good times and erroneously good eating.

3.Take Small Steps: Unhealthy eating is as much an addictive behavior as smoking or drinking. Eating quick meals or snacking on high calorie foods serve a function in our lives. whether it is the lack of time that drives us to the quick fix or the need for family socialization on a budget, we have developed these habits to make our lives easier.

Changing bad eating habits to healthy eating habits does not have to be an all or nothing decision. The best we can do is to take a slow, steady approach to revamping our eating habits. Little steps that we can follow everyday. Sometimes small substitutions of healthy foods for those we know are unhealthy add up to a good start toward health.


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