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The human brain needs exercise. Exercise needs to become a habit to improve your memory. As you age, your brain ages too. You become open to the risk of mental sickness such as Alzheimer's or worst, dementia. You need to make sure that you keep your brain healthy all the time. Here are six basic healthy habits that you should follow to keep your mind at its highest performance.

Play Challenging games & Grasp New Skills

Always have a spare time on games. You can play it with someone you like to play. The games you should be playing are mind games. There are a lot of ways to play this kind of game. It could be played organically; with other people or you could play it virtually such as downloading an application on your android or apple phone. Games that fall under the categories of puzzle, strategy, trivia or word are the best fit for you. Do not stick to just one game, try to play various games and learn how to play it. Nootropics is also a great help in staying mentally healthy. It has a positive effect o the brain by making it more focused, and it also promotes a good mood.

Get a requisite amount of sleep

A lot of people disregard sleep. They always put work over sleep, and regret always comes last. The ideal amount of sleep is seven to eight hours which needs to have a consistent schedule. Sleep early and wake up early. It is important that your sleep does not conflict with your breakfast. Sleep is the only activity that fully relaxes your brain and giving it space for its own. The right amount of sleep can benefit your heart, weight, and mind. Also, the right amount of sleep will most likely lengthen your lifespan.

Mix Up Exercise in Your Routine

Complete your daily routine by including exercise in your list. For beginners, it is advisable that you hire an instructor that can offer you training programs. You have to be consistent with your exercise because it does not only increases your level of attractiveness but it also increases your brain's performance. The best time to exercise is early in the morning. Simple exercises will do as well such as morning jog, morning walk, or Zumba. The advantage of morning exercise is that it boosts your metabolism which allows you to burn more calories for the rest of the day and it gives a kick start for your brain's activity. Letting out a bit of your energy in the morning will help you become more alert all throughout the day.

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Keep the Stress in Check

You cannot avoid stress, but you can manage your stress. Do not dwell too much on negativities. You can confront yourself about it but don't stay long thinking about it. Let it pass after contemplation. Give yourself RnR or Rest and Recreation vacation sometimes. This way, you can relieve yourself from the weight of stress. You can also exercise your stress out. Exercise will help you spend excess energy of the day and can help you sleep comfortably.

Maximize Your Food Intake

Make sure that the food you put on your plate is healthy. Create a meal plan for yourself. You can ask the help of a dietician for your meal plan. If you are on a diet, you can prepare a meal with different needed nutrients each meal. That way, you can cater all the needed nutrients your body and brain needs.

Author bio:Anna Brecken is a writer for NootropicNation. She has extensive knowledge of Nootropics. She also writes for several other supplement and brain enhancement websites.

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