Benefits of Meditation

1. Improves Focus-one of the benefits people find when they meditate is improved focus. An important part of meditating is being able to focus for long periods of time on a particular object. When your mind begins to wander you bring it back to the point you were focusing on, which trains your mind to stay focused. Many people who meditate find that focusing at work is improved when they meditate on a regular basis.

2. Relieves Pain-research studies on the effects of meditation have found that meditation helps those who suffer from chronic pain. Meditation helps by teaching you how to turn down the volume of pain. A study done by MIT in 2011 showed that people with chronic pain were able to focus on physical sensations from certain parts of the body and turn down the volume of pain they experienced.

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3. Stimulates Creativity-occasionally people experience a creative block. This block can come from outside and internal distractions. Meditation can help you move past a creative block by stepping away from what you’re doing and clearing your mind. It helps you to reset your brain. Research has shown that meditation increases brain activity in areas that are associated with creativity and intuition.

4. Improves Stress Related Illnesses-stress is a common issue for many people. By clearing your mind of negative thoughts through meditation you are able to relax and live in the moment. Research studies have found that people who suffer from stress related illnesses benefit from meditating. When people suffer from stress they generally have a physiological reaction that can bring out certain types of health conditions. Meditating on a regular basis tends to keep people relaxed and less focused on the stress in their life, which helps keep those illnesses in remission.

5. Reduces Anxiety-studies have shown that meditation has a calming affect on anxiety. Brain scans have found that activity in the amygdale is reduced when you meditate. The amygdale is where fear is processed. If you suffer from anxiety you should try to meditate once a day for at least 10 minutes to see if it helps.

Studies have shown a few significant benefits on the brain through meditation. It can help you work better, experience less stress and for some people it can lead to joy. If you’re interested in learning how to meditate you could take a class, find an online course or purchase one of the many books available on meditation. It could significantly enhance your life.

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