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When it comes to the holidays, we’ve all felt the pull of distractions. There are parties to go to—some of them for work, some for friends and family. There might be gifts to buy or special things to bake or cook. And there’s just the festivity of the season in general—a lot of music and movies and once-a-year events that tend to draw our attention away from anything that’s repetitious and to-be-expected and toward the things that are special and unique.

Work is no exception. In fact, according to one poll, about two-thirds of all workers find their productivity on the decline during the holidays. They’re absent more, or they’re simply not as engaged as they could be at the office. And that distraction can have a measurable impact on the bottom line for businesses.

Companies can turn this tide and take a proactive approach to get work done around the holidays, by using special strategies and ideas to refocus and reframe the loss of productivity.

For example, perhaps your workplace has something that they want to celebrate about the year. Maybe there was a big job that went well or perhaps there was a boost in sales or an improvement in the bottom line. That can be an occasion to tie in a celebratory catered lunch for everyone and talk about the good news. You can also acknowledge things that are special to employees, such as time off, and simply grant an extra day around the holidays as a bookend for more vacation time, or even be more flexible in letting people work from home during this time of the year on a special day or two, as a way of acknowledging the special occasions..

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See what you can do to make holidays more special and more productive. This infographic by Zerocater explains it.

How to Not Lose Track of Productivity During Hectic Holiday Weeks Infographic

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