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According to Merriam Webster Dictionary the word wellness translates into “the quality or state of being healthy”, so the omnipresence of this topic (especially lately) should not be much of a surprise. Our knowledge and the number of information, and even small revolutions in this area, are constantly growing. Last year, we had many exciting trends, from the vegan restaurants boom to the back-to-the-basics outdoor workouts. This year, from where we are standing, has managed to meet our expectations, and we will continue to see many trends that will help us be healthy and happy. Here is how to introduce some of them into your everyday life.

Get Up and Juice Up

The world of juice has come a long way since John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886, and now, even this company is investing in fresh and healthy beverages. Still, do not take this as an opportunity to get lazy. Get up early, make your own cold-pressed juice, or some other healthy potion (like lukewarm water and lemon which is, after all, one of the beauty secrets of the gorgeous Miranda Kerr), get energized and seize the day.

Heal with Music

You have probably already heard (and felt for that matter) that music can alter your emotions or have a huge impact on them. This year, however, brings us the notion of sound as a wellness tool. So, each day, take some time for yourself to relax with gentle tones of a piano, violin or some other instrument that sounds pleasantly enough to you. Another thing that you could try is visiting some of the already famous sound bath studios, and sink into the richness of music. 

Home that Sparks Joy

There is a simple principle: a happy house – happy you. Make it work by tidying up, decluttering (clutter can actually cause stress and anxiety), letting the light in and bringing in some lively details and accessories. Limit the technology to one or two rooms, and leave some space to relax and recharge your batteries. Consider installing a green wall and other plant life that can brighten up the space, purify the air and provide the joy of caring for something.

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Step Outside

Being outside and being active, is still big this year as well. In fact, this trend can never be outdated, since nature is always healthy for us. Instead of a simple jog, or working out in an outside gym, we encourage you to connect with the nature on emotional level. Meditate in the park/woods/beach, practice sup (standup paddleboard) yoga, and try to find balance and harmony wherever you are. 

Healthy, instead of Adventurous Travels

Although the backpacking travels are still popular, this year people will be more focused on traveling in order to simplify the already complicated life, relax (“smell the roses”) and be a healthier version of themselves before they leave. Join the crowd and travel the world with wellness on your mind. Visit some of the numerous global health retreats specifically designed for this type of recreation. Experience one of the world’s richest ecosystems in Costa Rica, or practice sup yoga on Bali. For a half-wellness, half-adventure journey, participate in various yoga festivals around the globe (UK, India, Bali, Iowa, Colorado, Australia, Arizona, Costa Rica, Sweden, South Africa, etc.). Go to spa excursions in Asian, Latin American and North African Countries, where you can get a lot of amazing treatments you have never even heard of. 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We should not consider happiness a trend, but body acceptance is talked about more and more, and the harmful effects of various diets on our bodies and minds are finally under the spotlight. The notion of comfort food is changing from cheese and hamburgers to healthy and organic foods, which in return makes you healthy and better looking. The importance of positive mindset is bigger than ever, since we are finally coming to terms with stress being the number one silent killer. So, find something that makes you happy, replace negative thoughts with positive ones and you will see how your physical health is changing too.

Wellness trends are much more than fashion fads. They are new things we learn based on facts and research that can help us improve our lifestyle and health. Try to implement some of them, and be well. 

Nicole is a lifestyle blogger passionate about travel and healthy living. She enjoys sharing her experiences and ideas on how to lead a happy and healthy life. For her articles, she often consults qualified psychologists, such as the experts from the Living Valley Springs. If you want to read more from Nicole you can find her on Twitter and FB

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