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Regular cleaning and maintenance of your gym should be at the heart of your gym’s health and safety practices.

The Link Between Gym Hygiene & Health

Studies have revealed that gym equipment can be a breeding ground for a wide range of viruses, funguses and infectious diseases. For example, a 2017 study from Fitrated found that:

The cleanliness of a gym affects the physical wellbeing of both its staff and the customers. This is especially the case during cold and flu season when everyone seems to have the sniffles. Therefore, it’s critical to implement a thorough cleaning policy in order to keep illness-causing germs and bacteria at bay. Keeping your gym spic-and-span fosters a healthy atmosphere and improved customer satisfaction.

Gym Cleanliness & Customer Satisfaction

A gym’s level of cleanliness can directly affect customer satisfaction. It’s not that surprising to hear that 56% of gym members expect their gym to be germ-free.A survey from the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association has revealed that gyms that are perceived to be dirty tend to have lower levels of customer satisfaction and retention. This indicates that even a slight bump in your cleaning and maintenance activity can increase the happiness of your clients. 

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How Can Gyms Boost their Hygiene Levels?

Gyms can be extremely busy places, so how can you ensure that your staff give cleaning and maintenance enough attention? One good idea is to host training sessions that encourage employees to take a proactive approach to these activities. Create a comprehensive cleaning policy and schedule which lays out the value of cleaning and sets out clear standards. In addition to this, it’s important to communicate the importance of maintaining a clean space to gym-goers so that they do their bit as well. You may also want to consider engaging the services of specialist cleaners.

How Can Gym Members Contribute to A Clean Gym?

As gym-goers share the space, they also have a duty to maintain good hygiene habits. This could include wiping down equipment after use, washing your hands before and after each workout and wearing flip flops in the shower. If you are sick or injured, be sure to dress appropriately or perhaps hold off on all gym-activities until you are fully recovered.

Learn How To Improve Gym Hygiene

If want to keep your gym clean, take a look at the infographic from The Cleaning Services Group. This useful guide features many tips and ideas on how to improve the hygiene of your exercise center. It includes:

  • A brief look at germs at the gym
  • An outline of the business benefits of keeping a clean gym
  • 10 personal hygiene tips for gym-goers
  • A cleaning checklist for gym-owners

How to Keep A Germ-Free Gym (Infographic)

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