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It happens every year, spring comes along and we rouse ourselves from a winter spent hibernating indoors and hiding under layers of clothing. We blink, step outside, catch sight of ourselves in a shop window and immediately flee back inside, promising ourselves that we won’t go back out into the world until we look good enough to be seen without multiple layers of clothing covering us up.

Well it’s time. The winter is finally behind us and it’s time to get out of our winter hibernation and put some effort into improving ourselves so we’ll be ready in looking fabulous and healthy in time for the summer. It does require work and whether this means going to the gym more often than you did in the past few months, eating healthier or reducing the amount of booze you consume, the effort you put in will undboutly pay off.

It does require discipline and dedication from you, in order to get into the right state of mind, but it will also do wonders for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Of course, there are many things you can do to improve yourself on all levels.  Your beauty, your emotions, your eating habits, they are all intertwined and closely related and improving one will directly affect the others. So it’s important to take multi level approach in getting out of the winter slump. So get started, stay strong and when the work is done you will love yourself for putting time and effort and thank us later for telling us we told you so.

Below are just few tips to get you started.

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How to Have Healthy Skin Using Holistic Approach

After a long winter spent indoors, our skin is likely pale, maybe even a little sallow and—after all of that sitting around, a little saggy and we might have developed some cellulite or spider veins. Don’t worry, most of this is fixable if you pick the right strategy and use the right approach.

The skin is your largest organ. Adults on average carry about 8 pounds of it, so don’t neglect it. You probably also know that you need to trade in your coffees and booze for bottles of water. Proper hydration will do more for your skin than any expensive over the counter creams or buffing agents. Use moisturizer and sun screen every time you go out, especially now when the temperatures are starting to rise and the sun becomes more damaging to your skin.

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Nutrition for Beautiful Skin

You might not know this, but sugar, dairy and wheat can wreak havoc on your skin. Heavily fried foods and foods that are fatty, full of sugar and filled with gluten create a toxic environment inside your body. Eliminating these foods “resets” your body and forces it to “clean out” your digestive system, which will also improve “glow” to your skin and your energy levels. You also might try a spring detox that are becoming extremely popular and for good reasons. These detox programs are a great alternative because they often require that you forego eating meat and eliminate unhealthy foods, while at the same time replacing them with much healthier options that include foods that are full of anti-oxidants and are mostly organic and full of vitamins and nutrients that are great for your skin and your overall health.

It’s Okay to Take Some Shortcuts

Let’s face it, if you live in NY like me, you know how brutal this winter had been. You’ve been freezing your a$$ off the last few months and now just want to relax and celebrate the fact you survived winter months by getting pampered and primed. Natural and holistic methods are great, but sometimes they take time. Sometimes it’s OK to take shortcuts and splurge a little to give yourself the beauty treatment you really deserve. Treat yourself to beauty salon or book a spa appointment that can be found in midtown Manhattan, or pretty much anywhere in the city to make sure you look your best and have a glowing and beatiful skin that often a result following a trip to your neighborhood spa. 

Beauty Is Not Just Skin Deep.

Remember: how you look on the outside is determined by just as much by how you feel on the inside. That’s what the holistic approach to summer beauty is all about. Beauty is not just skin deep. There are things you can do to improve your inner mental mental state that can greatly influence the quality of your physical health and beauty.

Visualization. Visualization exercises can be greatly beneficial and many report feeling a “healthy glow” after spending few minutes each day visualizing themselves in positive situations. Simply spend few minutes picturing yourself being successful, confident, and stress free in realistic everyday circumstances and you will trick your mind into thinking that you are as well in your real life. The best part of this exercise is that it’s free, only takes few minutes each day and has been shown to really work if practiced on a regular basis.

Meditation. Meditation and Mindfulness help keep you calm and can greatly reduce your anxiety levels. This, in turn, reduces your blood pressure and minimizes stress levels, which also lessens amount of wrinkles and frown lines that often results from you being over-stressed. Some people combine yoga and meditation and other low impact exercising to help them achieve their meditative and mindful states. This helps you work out your body as well as your mind!

Stay positive. Yes staying positive can have a direct impact on you looking and feeling great. We automatically associate self confident people with health because the people who are confident also radiate the aura of mental and spiritual well-being. Of course the opposite is also true, we always assume that people who constantly complain and have negative outlook as less healthy and less attractive than their counterparts. So look on the bright side to stay positive to help you project a healthy glow.

So, whether you choose a holistic approach to looking great this summer or decide to cheat a little and get a beauty spa treatment instead, remember that multi level approach is the best strategy, so cut down on that junk foods, meditate, do yoga and exercise and reduce the amount of daily stress levels and before you know it you’ll be looking fabulous, beautiful and healthy and radiate that wonderful glow just in time for the summer season.

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