The best way to make tea has been a subject of great debate for centuries. Here are few tips to help you make the perfect cup of tea you can enjoy every day.

1. Always use fresh water if possible. Spring water is best due to its purity and lack of additives such as chlorine and fluoride which can affect the taste. If you use tap water then run the tap until the water is cold and fresh. Good quality water is essential for the perfect cup of tea.

2. Preferably use a teapot made of china or earthenware. Pots made of certain types of metal such as enamel silver
or copper can impart flavor to the water. Stainless steel is okay.

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3. Warm the pot beforehand with a little hot water.

4. Add at least one level teaspoon for each cup of water that you are going to add. Adding loose tea to the pot is the best way for the tea to infuse properly but many people prefer to use a tea strainer or infusing basket for convenience sake.

5. Pour boiling water directly onto the leaves and then stir the water before placing lid back on the teapot.

6. Let the tea steep for between four and five minutes. If using green tea three minutes is best.

7. Remove or strain the leaves to avoid overbrewing.

8. The cup that you drink out of can greatly affect the taste of the tea so choose wisely. A good quality cup made of china will definitely enhance the whole tea drinking experience. Avoid wide shallow cups which cause the tea to cool in next to no time.

9. Lastly, drink tea without any sugar. Sugar only serves to mask the taste of the tea. Not only that, but too much sugar is not good for you and why spoil what is now being recognized as one of the world’s great health drinks by adding sugar. When you stop putting your usual two spoonfuls of
sugar in your tea, it will take you about three or four weeks to get used to the new taste. However once you got used to it, there is no going back.

So there you have it – the perfect cup of tea!


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