Learning how to meditate can change your life in any number of ways. It helps you quickly unwind, relieves tension and stress, and improves your attitude and outlook by raising your vibration.

Meditation is a simple and natural process of silencing the mind and going within. It’s important to take a meditative time out regularly. Learning how to meditate will enable you to quietly withdraw from the demands, stresses and turmoil of the day, whenever you wish. Just take 10-15 minutes when you can and you’ll make a magical shift in your mental and physical well-being.

For most of living in the 21st century, our minds are constantly occupied with a myriad of concerns at any given time. It seems that there are just so many tasks to complete, so many issues to deal with, and so many things to deal with that we are constantly being pulled this way and that. It’s a struggle to juggle it all every day as we try to get by as best we can.
But there is a better way. Learning how to meditate frees you from this persistent, never-ending barrage of mental and physical activity. Mastering the simple basics of how to meditate helps you get centered again.
Meditation gives you a much needed break. It’s a relief to go within and let the day’s trials and tribulations float on by.
When you learn how to meditate you’ll gain the skill of quieting your mind on demand. It can be difficult at first because most of us are so used to the constant mental chatter that any change from the norm requires a level of focus.
But the secret of this profound activity and why you should discover how to meditate is because during meditation, you offer no thoughts of any kind. Therefore, you no longer offer the resistance of conflicting thoughts, demands and worries. When you relax and go within, you are no longer focusing on unwanted things or outcomes. No debilitating thought means that nothing can drag you down.
The result is that for the first time all day (or perhaps for a long time) you feel free as a bird. You are no longer weighed down by events, negative people, tasks that need to be done and other demands on your time.
Here’s how to meditate in 7 easy steps:
1. Find a quiet place where you can relax comfortably for 10-15 minutes and go within.
2. Establish a comfortable position. Wear loose-fitting clothes so you’re not distracted by something that doesn’t feel 100% comfortable.
3. Let your eyelids close and allow yourself to relax deeply. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Breathe in a natural way without trying to stretch your lung capacity.
4. Clear your mind of all thoughts. Simply focus on your breathing — in and out, slowly… deeply.
5. Inevitably, you’ll notice thoughts coming into your mind. Just let them float right on by. Avoid giving any energy to any thought. Other thoughts may come about as your mind is used to having something to occupy it. Your goal in learning how to meditate is to free your consciousness from this mental activity.
6. Continue to focus on your breathing. Concentrate on nothing else but your breathing pattern. Try to relax at a deeper level and empty your mind of these competing thoughts as soon as you notice them.
7. Practice meditation every day. The more you do it, the easier it will be to master the basics of how to meditate. Each time, you’ll find it gets a little easier to get into the zone of total relaxation and peaceful tranquility. Attaining this state gives you a feeling of true bliss and now you know how to get there whenever you wish.
If you’re just getting started, you may find learning how to meditate easier by listening to a guided meditation or visualization CD. The comforting background music and soothing voice of the narrator helps you reach that deep meditative state where the true magic happens.
Follow these simple ‘how to meditate’ guidelines and you too can reap a lifetime of enjoyment and stress relief in the most natural way. The sooner you learn how to meditate, the better equipped you are to handle anything life throws at you.

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