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Perhaps one of the hardest things to start doing is exercise. It does not have to be that way. Below are a few tips to keep in mind to help you start exercising and get the body you want.

Think of the Benefits:

Exercise is a great way of getting your energy back. How would you like to go to bed without feeling absolutely exhausted? Did you use to have activities you loved to do but can not find the energy anymore? Imagine having the energy to get back into those activities. Besides energy, you will also be healthier by being fit. You will get sick less often, experience fewer injuries, feel better in your body promoting self confidence, and MANY other benefits as well. Make a list and see what you can come up with.

Set a Goal:

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Without an idea of how many pounds you want to lose, how large you want your muscles to be, or what type of things you want to be able to do it is difficult to start yourself off. Don not just set long term goal, set short term goals as well. Set a goal for the activity you are using to lose weight. For example, you can set a number of minutes to play basketball or a number of pushups you want to do. If you have a goal, a realistic goal, it is easier to get started. Meeting goals gives a feeling of accomplishment and an incentive to keep going so setting short term goals that are achievable will actually help drive you to meet your ultimate long term goal.

Ask a Friend:

Get someone to exercise with you! Having a support system is a great way not only to get started but to keep going as well. Talk to a friend about wanting to get fit, set a date to get started, this will give you both an outside obligation to stick to it. You will help each other get started and when one of you does not feel like exercising that day the other can offer motivation and keep things going.

Get Involved in Something:

Be it an exercise program, a 5k race, or a softball team, if you have committed yourself to doing something you are more likely to continue doing it. Surprisingly, things you need to pay a little money for, even if it is just a few bucks, will motivate you even more. Once you have paid for something you have made a personal investment in it, which makes you more likely to take it seriously and motivates you to follow through.

Just Start:

Yes, it is difficult to do at first. Many doubts and excuses are come to mind, and yes, they all are excuses. Stop. Remember the benefits, the goals, any outside obligations and investments, etc. Just go and start doing it. Once you start, it does get easier. Furthermore, if you are doing an activity you enjoy, you will likely find you are looking forward to exercising more and more.

These 5 tricks will help you start exercising so you can get the body you want in the near future. If you are interested in more information on exercise, check out:

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