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In any given week, you probably do a lot of things to try to help maintain or improve your health. For example, if you’re focused on being healthy, you try to integrate exercise into your weekly and daily routine. You might be aware of the recommended guidelines of 30 minutes of movement a day, as well as a focus on integrating both cardio and strength training as part of your workout routine. You also know that you have to be as well rested, and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Eating well, too, should be a part of any healthy lifestyle.

But what about things that you can’t necessarily always change? You can change your food and your workouts. But you can’t change age: Years have a way of working their own “magic” on our health and appearance.
Take skin care, for example. Time means that your skin loses some of its elasticity as you age. The environment—wind, sun—work on your face, resulting in wrinkles and sunspots and for many a double chin.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help you reduce the appearance of a double chin. If you want to reduce the appearance of a double chin without going under the knife, there are simple exercises you can do.

For example, opening your mouth and strategically moving your jaw—and then repeating that exercise—is a great way to stretch and strengthen the lower jaw and the chin muscles. Even just a mostly simple neck stretch, albeit one that uses your tongue as part of the exercise, can give your chin a workout boost.

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The best thing about these double-chin working exercises is that you can do them anywhere. You can perform them while sitting at your desk working or watching TV at home.

Use exercises below to help you reduce the appearance of a double chin.


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How to Reduce a Double Chin. Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere (Infographic) 1

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