How To Relieve Back Pain At Work?

Have you been missing out on your work days, because your back pain just won’t let you do your daily tasks? Or are you just simply tired of being in pain throughout your work? Back pain has been going as one of the leading causes for people missing out on work.

 It can make you extremely unproductive, and push you to become lazy and not want to do anything. In this case, it becomes an urgency to get rid of this pain, which has been becoming more and more common with every passing day. Thus this will help you get rid of the back pain while you’re at work, while will help you to stay active and healthy throughout!

Understand The Reasons:

First of all, before everything else, it is important to realize why you’re getting this back pain in the first place. There are many things which can affect your back in a bad way, many things you could be doing to trigger the pain.

It is easy to know this, as you can observe your daily postures and things you do, and know what has been causing the pain. Following are some of the common reasons because of why people might get back pains.

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  • Slouching forward in your chair – This is something almost everyone does at work/school, without even knowing. It is important to keep your posture straight, not bending your back in any way. Bending your back in the wrong way can weaken your back muscles, thus leading to back problems.
  • Holding the telephone between your ear and shoulder – This causes immense strain on your back muscles, as you force your spine to stretch. The muscles in the back are stretched more than they should be, and this causes back pain. A lot of people do this, and it is important to know that it is unhealthy for you.
  • Lack of movement – A big part of our daily lives at work revolves around sitting in one seat throughout the day, but this is anything but healthy for you. Your back muscles can jam in one place, thus they might not be left with any flexibility to move around. When movement is caused, they might have to work more than normal, thus leading to back pain.



Ways To Stop Having Back Pain:

There are many exercises to relieve you from back pain. But if you’re at work throughout the day, and hardly get the time to do these exercises, you can still get rid of the pain, that too, without anys pain-relieving-pills.

 There are just some simple changes you’ll need to make, which will not slow down or affect your work in any way, but they will greatly help in keeping your back muscles healthy and working. Based on the reasons which cause back pain in the first place, following are some of the things you can do:

  • Customize your chair and table – It is medically proven that office chairs should have a forward curve right at your belly button level, in order to support your spinal curve. However, you can place a pillow on the same spot to have that same support. The height of your chair should also be adjusted to the level where you can place your feet flat on the ground, without having to strain at all. Apart from that, adjusting your arm rests to a level where your arms are at a 90 degree angle can really help your upper back!
  • Bring a change to your phone calls – It can really help if you have earphones or if not, to keep your phone on speaker mode, just so you don’t hold it between your ear and shoulder. This will greatly help your back muscles. You can also hold the phone in your hand while listening, switching between the left and right hands after every interval.
  • Walk about – Lastly, don’t stay seating in a single place. Walk around after some time, even in your office room or anything. Don’t stay seated continuously; loosen up your muscles a bit.


Almost anyone from any age can get back pain because there are always some things we aren’t doing right. However, some small steps and changes can greatly help you overcome that pain, without putting in too much effort, money or time at all!

How To Relieve Back Pain At Work? 2

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